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More famous than the Hulk? 20 years ago, this role launched Mark Ruffalo’s career

Since 2012 and the first gathering of the Avengers in the cinema, the American actor Mark Ruffalo has given his features to the famous green giant of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But a few years before playing the Incredible Hulk on the big screen, the actor played another role, which, by his own admission, is even more popular among his fans.

Indeed, 20 years ago today, after many supporting roles, Mark Ruffalo shared with Jennifer Garner the poster for one of the most memorable romantic comedies of the 2000s: 30 Years or Nothing.

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In this Gary Winnick film, in which a 13-year-old girl wakes up one morning with the body and life of a thirty-year-old, Ruffalo played a man named Matt Flamhuff, with whom the main character is madly in love. .

As his translator confirms During the meeting on Instagram Organized for the film’s anniversary, this role brought him even more fame than Marvel’s Colossus.

“It’s more or nothing in 30 years.”

“There are two types of people in the world, Hulk fans and 30’s fans. (…) And many more in 30 years or nothing”– said Mark Ruffalo.

A recent interview High snobbery (As reported by our colleagues AdoroCinema), the actor also explained that throughout his career, the idea of ​​surprising fans and was not limited to the same type of role.

“What I felt right away in the film industry is that the moment you do something well, people will think it’s you.”he explained.

“Make people see me in different ways.”

“They will come back to you again and again with the same role. And I refused to do that. I told myself that my career would not be like that. That I would do everything I could. I’m sure people look at me differently, so every year I can achieve more.”

What do you think is Mark Ruffalo’s most iconic role?

(Re)discover the extract “30 years or nothing”…

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