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Caius Blat breaks the silence and comments on his wife kissing another man; I wait!

Married to actress Luisa Arraes, Caio Blat commented on the celebrity caught kissing the son of singer Cássia Eller

Gaius Blat AND Luisa Arraes They are married, but have chosen to live in an open relationship. Recently, the celebrity was seen kissing another man, Chico Chicoson of the singer Cassia Ellerand it became a topic on the web.

Together for years, the couple lives discreetly and usually does not reveal the details of their life together, but the appearance of the actress brought that change. This is because many thought that she was cheating on her husband but, as they have already said, their relationship has been non-monogamous for seven years.

In a candid interview with The globe, Gay commented on the incident: “We have been together for a long time and we want to stay together for a long time. I believe that monogamy has something to do with possession, with jealousy. We love each other very much and respect each other’s freedom. This only increases our Love. “

It’s worth mentioning that they’re not the only couple to embrace an open relationship. Agata Moreira AND Rodrigo Simas, Aline Wirley and the actor Igor Rickli they are also on the list of celebrities who have chosen non-monogamy.

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