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Cintia Dicker criticizes dirty and poor condition donations to RS: “Would you give them to your children?”

According to the model, damaged donations range from pillows to panties

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Model Cintia Dicker37 years old, he vented his feelings on Thursday 16th, commenting on the status of some donations made to the victims of the rains in Rio Grande do Sul. According to her, many items are dirty or unusable.

“We are parting ways. Guys, would you like to get these things for your children? Dirty, stained, used panties and bras. We won’t take them, okay? So think about it. You have to give what I would like to receive, which you would also put on your children “he said in a video shared from Instagram Stories.

The same day, hours later, Cintia Dicker shared lists of medicines that are in short supply in the South.

“In the next few years we will no longer accept clothes or shoes. Only if they have brand new coats, in good condition, fragrant, clean, because they get there and people have no way to wash their clothes. I will put them here on the things of which we really need and which we will focus on,” he concluded.

Cintia Dicker and her help at RS

Cintia Dicker shows dirty and used donations

The model had planned a trip to attend the Cannes Film Festival, in France. However, she exchanged the red carpet for the charity event for the South which took place on Tuesday the 14th.

The third edition of the Pulsar event brought together several prominent personalities, on the catwalk and in the front row, at the Sao Paulo Biennial. Among the celebrities who walked the runway was model and entrepreneur Cíntia Dicker.

On social media the model even received a statement from her husband, Pedro Scooby, regarding her choice.

“With all due respect to those who did it [para o festival de Cannes]especially because everyone in their daily routine works and doesn’t let the ball drop… but I’m very proud of my wife, who canceled her trip to work in Cannes to fill the trucks with donations for Rio Grande do Sul” , he wrote.

Gaúcha de Campo Bom, in the last one Sunday with Huck, dedicated to the victims of the Rio Grande do Sul tragedy, Cíntia could not hold back her tears while speaking to her family, who live in one of the affected regions. “We gave up the house to put furniture in for those who needed it, my aunt’s house is full of people that she was moving into.”

  • Find out how to donate any amount to the official Pix of Rio Grande do Sul.

Find out how to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul
Find out how to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul

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