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Will Penelope and Colin get married in ‘Bridgerton 3’? The books explain what will happen to this couple

Once again, ‘Brigerton’ has managed to captivate the audience with its third season, which is already trending on social media.

The first four episodes of Season 3 explore how Colin Bridgerton begins to fall in love with Penelope Featherington. Although the second part of this story will not be released before June 13, 2024, many are already wondering what happens in the end with this couple, which we will explain according to the book.

If you haven’t finished watching the latest episode of the Netflix series yet, be aware that there will be spoilers below.

‘Bridgerton’: How does the first part of season 3 end?

At the end of the episode ‘Old Friends’, Colin realizes that he really likes Penelope and decides to attend the ball where Lord Debling was to formally propose to her, a proposal that Penelope happily accepts. However, Colin asks her not to marry him because it wouldn’t be good for her.

Lord Dembling realizes that Penelope has feelings for Colin, so he leaves the event, implying that he no longer intends to marry her. Penelope takes the carriage home after her fight with Colin and he goes with her to confess his feelings and share an intimate moment.

When they arrive at young Bridgerton’s house, he asks Penelope to accompany him and, although she is unsure about doing so, he convinces her by expressing his wishes for them to be husband and wife. This is how this first part of ‘Brigerton 3’ ends according to Netflix. In the books the drama continues after that.

The text “Seducing Mr. Bridgerton’ explains that Lady Danbury announces that she will offer a reward to anyone who discovers Lady Whistledown’s identity, and Cressida Cowper assures that it is her because she wants the money, as she is a poor widow at this point in the story.

Colin and Penelope’s ‘Bridgerton’ Romance: Ending Details, According to the Books

Soon after, Colin himself discovers that Penelope is Lady Whistledown. He asks her not to reveal the truth to avoid being ostracized from high society, but she refuses, not wanting to give credit to Cressida. Although the secret comes out and almost destroys their relationship, they end up getting engaged because of their strong love.

Eventually, Cressida realizes Lady Whistledown’s true identity and blackmails Penelope, demanding all the money she made from the pamphlet in exchange for keeping her secret. However, at a dance hosted by Daphne and the Duke, Colin reveals that Penelope was the one who wrote the gossip under the familiar pseudonym, which ends the drama.

So Penelope stops writing high society gossip and marries Colin. Years later, they both welcome their children Agatha, Thomas, Jane and George, achieving “thankless always”.

Although Julia Quinn told the story of these lovers in this way, it is very possible that Netflix will make some changes, although it is unknown at this time how big or small they will be and how they will affect the original plot.

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