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Noah Cyrus comes to Brazil with an intimate album show: ‘Excited and honored’

For the first time with a scheduled performance in South America, Noah Lindsey Cyrus is touring her debut album, The Hardest Part (2022)

Regardless of the size or success or fame of an artist, coming to Brazil will always be a highlight on a given tour, especially when it is the first time in the country. Responsible for hits like “July,” “Again” It is “All Falls Down,” Noah Cyrus debut here with a show at C6 Fest 2024next Sunday, the 19th.

During an interview with Rolling Stone Brazilthe 24-year-old American artist commented how excited she is to play the first show of her career in the country, in addition to mentioning her “appreciation” for her Brazilian fans, described as very passionate about music.

“You wait all this time for the artists you love to finally come to Brazil, and it’s a rarity when they do,” he said. “I know, there’s a lot of excitement whenever there are artists that people follow and love, that they connect with. I’m excited and honored. I’ll be able to feel that firsthand.”

Now the show Noah Cyrus at the C6 Fest promises a very relaxed atmosphere, especially due to the chemistry between the singer and the supporting band. In addition to always having fun on stage, there is extra excitement about exploring South America with a tour.

I’ve been waiting for this forever. I read things from my fans in Brazil who were hoping [por mim] such a long time. I just wanted them to know how important this was to me. It is very difficult for an American artist to finally arrive [na América Latina]. I’m really excited to be able to do this and I hope to be able to come back and have more meetings there.

The Hardest Partthe first album of his career

Just a little over a year after releasing the first studio album of his career, titled The Hardest Part (2022), Cyrus managed to book shows in regions of the world where he had never been able to perform. Previously, she released several singles and EPs during her career.

The artist’s trademark, of bringing very intimate lyrics, is very strong on the album, which brought about a healing process and helped her in the battle against anxiolytic addiction. She speaks with great pride about how important the project was, not only in her professional life, but also in her personal life.

“[Eu queria] do honest work and be able to face many things and heal,” he explained to Rolling Stone Brazil. “I was able to heal myself through my music, which I had never felt as much as I did at that time.” In other words, through lyrics and melodies, she revealed the pain she felt to help in this complicated healing process.

Including the pandemic Covid-19 It was quite difficult and troubled for Noah Cyrus, who found comfort in the work: “The music I was making was extremely harrowing and moving, and it was also difficult to be consistent. But coming out of 2020 went through a recovery process and kicked out all the bad things.”

As a result, I became much healthier and happier. I was able to have a clearer mind to put all the songs together and put them in a world where they’re in a universe, because it was all the things over a long period of time that I actually went through.

Art from an early age

It’s no secret that Noah comes from a very successful family in art. The father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a famous country singer from the United States. The sister, Miley Cyrusbecame known worldwide for acting in series and films from Disney as a teenager, in addition to being one of the main names in world pop today.

Second Noah, the father always made a point of keeping his children close to art, especially music, so they could have knowledge and connection: “Each of us has a relationship with it. And it definitely shaped me and all of us a lot.”

Source: Rollingstone

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