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‘Brigerton 3’: How did the Netflix series respect the story of ‘Polin’ from the books?

The premiere of the third season of “Brigerton” on Netflix has caused a stir among fans of the show and readers of the Julia Quinn book series on which it is based.

Ever since it was announced that ‘Brigerton 3’ would focus on Colin and Penelope, it was known that the series would deviate from the book series, but was that the only change they made?

‘Bridgerton 3’: differences in Penelope and Colin’s story between the Netflix series and the book

Warning: Major plot details from Seducing Mr. Bridgerton’ and the first part of the third season of ‘Brdigerton’ are detailed below.

The way they know each other

In both forms, it is detailed that Colin and Penelope have known each other since childhood, but there are subtle differences in both their first meeting and their relationship.

Julia Quinn recounted that when they were young, Penn’s hat accidentally flew into Colin’s face, causing him to fall from his horse. Additionally, their relationship as friends develops for many more years, adding extra depth to their love story.

In the Netflix series, it is mentioned that they met when Penelope’s bright yellow scarf flew towards Colin and blocked his view.

Penelope and Colin’s ages are different in the books and in the series

In the book, Penelope is 28 and Colin is 33, while in the series both characters are considerably younger, much closer to their twenties.

In the book, Colin does not help Penn find a wife.

In the Netflix series, Colin offers to teach his friend how to bring out her charms and thus find a wife. However, in the book there is no such agreement between the two.

There is no Lord Dembling in the books, Netflix made him up

The romantic interest that Penelope gets “thanks” to helping her friend doesn’t exist in Julia Quinn’s books either. He is an original character created for the Netflix series.

Colin’s rejection of Penelope is slightly different in the books

In Season 2 of the show, Penelope overhears Colin telling a group of friends that he would never ask her out, which deeply hurts her feelings. Something similar happens in the books, but with some slight differences: the conversation in question is with her brothers Benedict and Anthony, which Penelope accidentally overhears during a chance visit to the Bridgerton home. It is inferred that his frustration at this event is all the greater because of the bond he shared with the entire family.

Pen and Colin’s romance occurs when he discovers she is Lady Whistledown

In the book, Colin discovers that Penelope is Lady Whistledown shortly before their engagement, which adds further complications to their love story.

By contrast, in the first part of the third part of “Bridgerton”, Colin has no idea who the author of the gossip pamphlet is, although he vows to take revenge if he one day discovers her identity.

Already finished watching the first part of the third season of ‘Brigerton’? Let us know in the comments if you think the Netflix series should have been more faithful to the books or if you agree with the changes that were made.

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