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The boy improvises a boat to cross the flood in RS

The moment was shown live on TV Globo’s Mais Você program

A boy was caught using a kind of door to save a bicycle from the flood in Rio Grande do Sul. The unusual moment was shown live by Ana Maria Braga on Mais Você, on TV Globo, this Friday 17th.

With what appears to be a piece of wood, the boy improvised a kind of canoe to cross the winged area. He even equipped the base with a chair and used an oar to move around.

Seeing the image, Ana Maria was surprised and curious to discover the direction taken by the boy. The presenter’s companion, the parrot Louro Mané, wondered whether the species of canoe would be “a refrigerator door or a piece of wood”.

“Look at this guy. Use caution when attempting to drive through a flooded area. What’s on top? Will it be a door? He’s coming, luckily. We keep looking… and now, how do I get out of this image without knowing where it’s going?”, said Ana Maria Braga.

Between the curiosity and concern of the presenter and the viewers, however, Globocop did not show the end of the boy’s saga.

Worrying situation in Rio Grande do Sul

Since the floods began, 154 deaths have been confirmed. In addition to the dead, 94 people are missing and 540,192 are homeless.

Source: Terra

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