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‘Bridgerton’: This is how Lady Whistledown is revealed in the book (it’s different from the series)

After the premiere of the first part of the third season of “Bridgerton” on Netflix, many questions are haunting the fans: how will the story of Colin and Penelope end Will the rest of society find out who wrote the pamphlet “Lady Whistledown”? This is what happens in the book “Seducing Mr. Bridgerton.”

Warning: Below are raw parts of Seducing Mr. Bridgerton’ that could be related to the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’.

In the ‘Brigerton’ books, this is how Lady Whistledown is revealed

One of the main differences between the Netflix series and Julia Quinn’s novels is the treatment given to the anonymous author of a social pamphlet detailing high society gossip. While in the TV adaptation it is revealed from the first season that Penelope Featherington is the author, in the books, the mystery dominates much of the plot and is maintained until the fourth installment, “Seducing Mr. Bridgerton.”

The secret is revealed when Lady Danbury publicly offers a financial reward to anyone who uncovers “Lady Whistledown”. Given his offering, endless theories emerge in society. On the one hand, Colin suspects that she is Eloise’s sister, and on the other, Cressida sees the perfect opportunity to take the blame and collect the money (in this version, she was a widow and had financial problems).

After a dance, Colin follows Penelope to a church where she leaves an envelope. At this moment she discovers the truth: about her friend.

On the way back, he calls her out on her actions, but the conversation turns from a heated argument into a romantic moment, leading him to propose.

However, their path to the altar will not be so simple: both are emotionally troubled. Colin questions his feelings for Penelope now that he knows the truth and doesn’t want to give up her life’s work.

The tension between the pair escalates when a new column by Lady Whistledown is published disproving Cressida’s claim. Colin is upset, but Penelope defends her actions, claiming she wants to protect her legacy. Eventually, the couple marry, and after their wedding, Cressida visits Penelope to tell her that she knows she is Lady Whistledown and to threaten to reveal her secret if she does not give her the money.

Faced with this situation, Pen turns to Colin, who organizes a party with the whole society. When he introduces his wife, he refers to her as Lady Whistledown. The guests, instead of being annoyed, applaud him with pleasure.

Finally, Penelope gives up her craft as a pamphleteer.

The series “Bridgerton” vs. the books: differences in how they treated Lady Whistledown’s identity

As already mentioned, in Julia Quinn’s novels, the mystery of who writes the gossip pamphlet remains longer. But that’s not the only change the TV production made to Lady Whistledown.

In Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” Eloise is the first to discover that Penelope is behind the pillar. That doesn’t happen in books.

Additionally, in the books, Lady Whistledown’s posts are much more subtle than what we see in the series. In no way does it threaten the image of the Bridgertons or the Featherington family itself.

In Julia Quinn’s texts, moreover, Queen Charlotte is rarely mentioned, so there is no rivalry with the author we see in the series.

How do you think ‘Brigerton’ season 3 ends? Write your theories in the comments.

Source: univision

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