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Are you going to Virada Cultural in Centro? See the programme, safety tips and tours in the region

Take advantage of going to Vale do Anhangabaú on the weekend, for the Virada Cultural shows, to visit Farol Santander, the CCBB or the São Bento Monastery

This weekend there is another edition of Virada Cultural de São Paulo, which this year has the theme of belonging. On the 18th and 19th (Saturday and Sunday), the city hosts, on 22 stages, distributed in 12 arenas.

Among the artists who will perform in the capital of Sao Paulo are Leo Santana AND Joelmaon the stage of the Vale do Anhangabaú; Maria Ritaon the Butantã stage; McDavid in M’Boi Mirim; Shamanin the English parade; Ton Carfi, Solange Almeida and Roberta Miranda in the Capela do Socorro; Black race AND Plant and root in Parelheiros; McHariel AND Psychic in the Cidade Tiradentes; Geraldo Azevedoin São Miguel Paulista; Ed Rock AND Sandra de Sa in Brazil.

The 12 arenas distributed in all regions of the city are Capela do Socorro (southern area), Campo Limpo (southern area), Heliópolis (southern area), M’Boi Mirim (southern area), Parelheiros (southern area), Brasilândia (southern area). south). Zone), North), Parada Inglesa (North Zone), Cidade Tiradentes (East Zone), Itaquera (East Zone), São Miguel Paulista (East Zone), Butantã (West Zone) and the Anhangabaú Valley and its surroundings (Centre) .

The line-up brings together great artists bringing with them different musical styles but also other artistic languages ​​such as exhibitions, dance and theatre.

Safety tips for those who will be in the centre

As useful as knowing the times and places of the shows Tour is having access to advice to avoid being robbed, robbed, victims of trawl nets and other inconveniences that, unfortunately, can happen. For this year, the municipality has promised to strengthen the police in the region Anhangabaú Valleyand said it will use new strategies to do so curb criminal practices. But it is better, as always, to trust yourself more.

The Public Security Secretariat set up a mega security system to ensure that the event could take place over the weekend. The strategy includes technological tools to monitor social networks and prevent the commission of previously “agreed” crimes.

In addition to the traffic police, a team from the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP) will be present in open forums and discussion groups on social media to identify groups that may practice racial, religious and sexual intolerance, among others. Plainclothes police officers will also be mixed in with the public at various points.

For the event, Civil Police officers will reinforce the police stations on duty, furthermore, there will be a reinforcement of Military Police personnel around the 22 stages distributed in the 12 regions of the capital of São Paulo where shows are planned. Drones, cameras and other police intelligence tools will also be used during the party.

Of the Military Police, there will be approximately 600 police officers from the Capital Policing (CPC), Shock Policing (CPChq), Fire Brigade (CCB), Aviation (CAv) and Military Police Operations Center (Copom) commands. More than 200 vehicles will also be used to ensure the safety of the public who will be able to attend the presentations.

Follow these tips to protect yourself:

1. Keep cell phones and wallets in safe places

Avoid large pockets and bags to store your cell phone, wallet and personal documents. This can make it easier for thieves to do so, as it makes the victim’s belongings more accessible. Give preference to internal pouches, commonly called doleiras.

2. Not everywhere is safe to use a cell phone

Seeing police officers and vehicles with sirens flashing on the sides of the Vale do Anhangabaú does not mean that the place is 100% safe. Criminals, unlike the police, will be in the audience. When you want to take photos or check WhattsApp, prefer to do it in safer places, such as near vehicles.

3. Avoid being in crowds

The more crowded the local area, the easier it will be for some criminals to act. Areas closer to the stage tend to be busier and should therefore be avoided. At the same time, it is important to avoid empty paths within the Centre, to avoid the risk of robberies. Also avoid passing through narrow and easily crowded corridors, such as Rua Direita and 24 de Maio. Prefer wider roads.

4. Choose shows at quieter times

If your concern goes beyond the loss of your personal belongings and also concerns your physical safety, it is good to pay attention to the show times. If you can, give preference to shows running from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which tend to be quieter and more family-friendly.

5. Choose your “refuge points”

Just as near vehicles are quieter places for those who browse social media, choose some places where you feel more comfortable, such as inside bars and restaurants. In general, people feel freer and are less attentive when, for example, they are queuing for public toilets. It is good to remember that it is in this moment of inattention that criminals take the opportunity to prey on their victims.

Roll past the turn

The city center is extremely lively and full of cultural possibilities. You can run several other programs by leaving the file Anhagabaú Valley or before going there to enjoy a little show.

Santander lighthouse

Built in 1940, the building has more than 30 floors and is 161 meters high and was inaugurated in 1947. The space hosts three exhibitions: Pancetti – the sea when it breaks on the beach…, Beyond Fantasy – Yoshitaka Amano AND Collecting: the beautiful, the rare, the unique.

The building also has restaurants, bars and a café. One of them is the Boteco 28 City bar. The menu was designed by chef Deivid Marques and is a typical São Paulo bar, serving snacks, sandwiches, an executive menu and some dessert options. They are emblematic dishes of the popular cuisine of São Paulo. The space is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11.30am to 8pm. Access to the floor is on a first-come, first-served basis and does not require reservations or ticket purchases.

For those who just want to have a drink, there is Safe bar, which is located in the basement of the building, in a room that was used as a safe. The venue offers an extensive drinks menu, as well as options for dishes and snacks.

The building is open from 9am to 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday, with tickets costing R$40. Farol Santander is located in R. João Brícola, 24 (São Paulo Historic Center), less than 10 minutes away on foot.

monastery of San Benedetto

The Monastery of São Bento de São Paulo was founded in July 1598 and is a community of the Catholic Church, founded and organized by the monks of the Order of São Bento. The church is open to visits. On Sunday, one of the highlights is the mass with Gregorian chant, which begins at 7:00.

The space is also popular for brunch, which takes place on Sundays and requires advance reservations. The price per person is R$389, children under five are free. Those who participate in the brunch, in addition to eating, also take a guided tour of the venue, excluding the enclosures.

Banco do Brasil Cultural Center

The cultural structure located in Rua Álvares Penteado, 112 (Historic Center), has a special program linked to the National Museum Week. On these Saturdays, the space hosts stories, mediated visits, readings and workshops.

CCBB has the show The Decade of Oceans – 1st National Crypto Art Exhibition in theatres. The exhibition aims to reflect on the frontiers of digital art driven by the advent of digital art blockchain. The exhibition is proposed as a physical and digital interface space with the public, in a contemplative and immersive environment, combining artistic and technological elements, with the exhibition of artistic works based on the 3rd generation of the internet. Editor: Marcio Harum.

Where to eat

In addition to the famous brunch at Mosteiro do São Bento, which must be booked, and the restaurants at Farol Santander, there are other spaces with great options to satisfy your hunger before or after enjoying the attractions of the Valley.

Bar Guanabara

Despite taking its name from the famous bay of Rio de Janeiro, the bar is located in the center of São Paulo and is only the oldest in the city, having been open since 1910. The space is located at Av. São João, 128, near Vale and open from Monday to Saturday, as well as holidays, always from 9:00 to 17:00.

Like a good bar, it offers snacks and executive dishes. One of the most popular is parmigiana (chicken or meat) which costs from R$50. On Wednesdays and Saturdays the bar serves feijoada. The dish for two people costs R$90.

Priceless space

The space is located on the top floor of Shopping Light, overlooking Vale do Anhagabaú and the Teatro Municipal. There are two restaurants on site, the Notiê restaurant and the Abaru bar, both with a menu designed by chef Onildo Rocha. Abaru serves lunch, coffee, happy hour and offers an evening mixology experience. In addition to the food, with options such as the Canastra cheese pasta portion, which costs R$46 and is served with caramelized onion jelly in rapadura, there is a drinks menu that enchants with exclusive drinks, such as the Sparkling Martini, which contains gin, orange juice, white vermouth and sparkling wine (R$ 44).

Notiê is a restaurant born from research on Brazilian biomes and the chef’s creations. He currently works with titled seasonal dishes Atlantic Forest: forests and seas. The recipes are available in two tasting menus of 4 times (R$ 235), 7 times (R$ 390) and 11 times (R$ 520). A la carte options are also available.

Espaço Priceless is located at Shopping Light, in Rua Formosa, 157, penthouse. Abaru is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 23:00 and Notiê, from Thursday to Saturday, from 19:00 to 23:00.

Source: Terra

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