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Is it better for Francesca to marry the Marquis and reject the Count? The scale of noble titles

The first part of the third season of “Bridgerton” focuses on the romance of Colin and Penelope, but also shows us the debut of the next Bridgerton: Francesca, chosen as the new “diamond” of the queen.

In the first four chapters we discover Francesca’s inclinations towards two of her suitors, but who suits her best?

Is it better for Francesca to marry the Marquis or the Count, according to the scale of noble titles?

Being “the jewel of the season”, Queen Charlotte presented Francesca with a very good candidate to marry her: the Marquis of Samandani.

However, the young lady also met Earl Kilmartin when she was venting outside a ball. Although they barely exchanged a word, there was a great connection between them and the gentleman decided to flirt with her.

Lady Bridgerton, for her part, prefers that her daughter Francesca marry the marquis, an interest she showed when he went to her daughter’s court, even having her cook inquire what her favorite dessert was and put him to make hers during visiting hours, she already had his thousand-sheet cake ready.

However, Violet Bridgerton has also seen the interest in Lord Kilmartin in her daughter’s eyes, but has her doubts.

Why does Francesca’s mother feel an inclination towards the Marquis of Samandani? All are based on the scale of noble titles.

After king and prince, the highest noble title is that of duke, followed in hierarchical order by that of marquis, earl, viscount and finally baron.

This is why Daphne is considered a hero for managing to marry a duke, although she was frowned upon for rejecting a prince for him in the first place. A situation that her sister Francesca will probably repeat, since the chemistry between her and the Earl of Kilmartin is undeniable.

Therefore also, seeing that the Marquis of Samandani was visiting Francesca, the Earl of Kilmartin decided to step aside, as he felt that because of his position he would be singled out.

Will Francesca marry the Marquis of Samandani or the Earl of Kilmartin?

Francesca met Lord Kilmartin by chance, with whom she not only shares a taste for silence, but also a love of music.

At the final dance of the first part of season 3, Lord Kilmartin gives Francesca a score written by him, which excites her so much that she decides to leave at that moment to go home to play it on the piano, not accepting the offer . drink brought to her by Lord Samandani (and which angered the queen).

All this suggests that Francesca will reject Lord Samadani for Lord Kilmartin.

The young woman also has the history of her siblings, who decided to follow the heart and, as she says in the book “The Heart of a Bridgerton”, she will do that too, although it remains to be seen what solution the series will decide.

However, we can see this and more in the second part of the third season of “Brigerton”, which will arrive on Netflix on June 13.

Source: univision

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