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What left actor Tony Ramos in serious condition? Find out the details

Actor Tony Ramos underwent surgery to treat intracranial hemorrhage; understand!

The actor Tony Ramos He was admitted last Thursday, 05/16, to the Samaritano de Botafogo Hospital, in Rio de Janeiro. The 75-year-old celebrity underwent surgery to control a subdural hematoma, a type of intracranial hemorrhage.

Intracranial bleeding usually occurs in one of the membranes covering the brain and can be of two types. The acute one is the consequence of a strong blow, such as an accident, in which blood begins to accumulate in the membrane in an intense and sudden way.

Chronic subdural hematoma is a more common type of bleeding that grows gradually. It has medium-term consequences, taking anywhere from a month to 45 days to show up on exams.

Medical report by Tony Ramos

The new medical bulletin, released on Friday 17/05, reports that the artist’s health conditions are stable. Tony is already breathing without the aid of equipment, he is lucid and stable.

“The Samaritan Hospital Botafogo informs that the actor Tony Ramos underwent surgery yesterday (16/05) to drain a subdural hematoma (intracranial hemorrhage) by the team of Dr. Paulo Niemeyer. The patient is underwent a new CT scan of his skull this morning (17/05) which showed a notable improvement. Tony Ramos is breathing without the aid of equipment, is lucid and his health is stable.“, the note reads.

Source: Terra

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