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Megalopolis: “I’ll still be here in 20 years!”… Coppola talks about the future of cinema

45 years after his second Palme d’Or, Francis Ford Coppola is back in official competition at the Cannes Film Festival. For the 77th edition, the American director returns with a gigantic and long-running project that he financed himself. The filmmaker sold part of his wine estate to self-finance the film, which has a budget of $120 million.

I knew the film was different from the films we see today, that there were no comparisons I could point to. I made the film as I wanted, I financed it myself– said Francis Ford Coppola at the Megapolis press conference, which was held this morning in Cannes.

American journalists talked about the issue of film financing and, in particular, the place of streaming platforms in the industry. “I fear that the film industry has become a place where people are more concerned about paying off their debts. The studios are very, very much in debt. And the point is not so much to make good movies, but to make sure they pay their debts.

Podcast – We’re reporting on “Megalopolis”

and added: “Obviously, new companies like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have a lot of money, so maybe the studios we’ve known for so long, great ones, won’t be around in the future.“Let’s note that if Megalopolis has a distributor in France for the film release (Le Pacte), it’s not yet a US deal.

Still on the topic of the potential risk of money and loans, Francis Ford Coppola responded: “Money is not important, it’s friends who never let you down.

Another movie in the works after Megapolis?

The 85-year-old director is not going to stop after this project. Asked if there could be any tweaks to Megalopolis, Coppola said no, that the project is finished. And for good reason, he explains, as he’s already started the next one. Before you slyly added: “I will still be here in 20 years!

Speaking about death, the filmmaker does not hide the fact that he is very happy to have been able to implement all the projects he dreamed of: “There are so many people when they die who think, “I wish I could do that.” When I die, I can say to myself that I did this and that and all the films I wanted to make.”

The French release date of Megalopolis is not yet known. The film will compete for the Palme d’Or at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, which runs until May 25, 2024.

Source: Allocine

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