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He faced Tom Cruise: this actor with a sports physique will be the hero of JJ Abrams’ next fantasy film.

Five years after The Rise of Skywalker, JJ Abrams is back behind the camera with a new project: Acorns. This time, the filmmaker abandons science fiction to move towards a fantasy thriller.

The Rise of Glenn Powell

According to The real worldJJ Abrams has already found the star of his film in the person of Glenn Powell. At the age of 35, the athletically built actor appeared in 2022’s Top Gun Maverick, which was the biggest hit that year with $1.5 billion worldwide. She then made her public debut in the romantic comedy Everything But You with Sydney Sweeney.

The feature film, which hit theaters last January, was a surprise early 2024 success with $220 million at the global box office on a $25 million budget. As for the Acorns project, no shooting date has been set at this time. In terms of the story, we just know that it will introduce us to a newly married couple who come face to face with a supernatural being.

Meanwhile, you can find Glenn Powell in cinemas from July 17th. The American actor will direct Twisters, the sequel to the cult film about tornadoes released in 1996.

Irony again!

The Austin native will star as Tyler Owens alongside Daisy Edgar Jones as Kate. A former tornado chaser, he is still traumatized by an encounter with one as a student. Now he prefers to study hurricane behavior from the safety of New York.

But when his friend Javi asks him to test out a new tornado detector, he agrees to return to the center of the action. Then she meets the charming and reckless Tyler Owens, known for his tornado-chasing videos posted on social media. As hurricane season reaches its peak, tornadoes of an unprecedented scale threaten lives.

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