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The Galaxy Book 4 Edge line with Snapdragon X Elite loses completely

Samsung’s bet on the long-awaited Snapdragon X Elite, the new Galaxy Book 4 Edge with AMOLED screen, ultra-thin structure and two size options, has been leaked

Numerous notebook manufacturers are preparing to present the first devices equipped with the Snapdragon Apple MacBook silicone. The most recent of these whose device details have been leaked is SAMSUNGwith images and complete information on future models in the line Galaxy Book 4 Edgewhich should be presented by the South Korean giant in a few days.

The materials were obtained from the German site WinFuture and reinforce past losseswhich reported that the Galaxy Book 4 Edge will rely on the new platform Qualcomm, and will be sold with a 14-inch screen. The surprise is the existence of a Book 4 Edge Pro, a larger option with a 16-inch screen.

It seems that Samsung will also sell a third model, but we don’t know if the device will be cheaper or more expensive than the two currently known, nor what the differences would be.

In the leak we see the Galaxy Book 4 Edge with two USB-C ports on the left side and an HDMI output and a P2 headphone connector on the right side.

(Image: Replay/WinFuture)

(Image: Replay/WinFuture)

(Image: Replay/WinFuture)

(Image: Replay/WinFuture)

(Image: Replay/WinFuture)

The Book 4 Edge Pro has even more connectivity, with HDMI and 2x USB-C on the left, along with a P2 connector, 1x USB-A, and a microSD card reader on the right side.

Both share the screen with rounded corners technology AMOLED for true blacks and high contrast, plus 3K high resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, already seen in the rest of the Galaxy Book 4 line.

The highlight of the Galaxy Book 4 Edge is the presence of the long-awaited Snapdragon RAM and 512GB of active storage SSD.

(Image: Replay/WinFuture)

(Image: Replay/WinFuture)

(Image: Replay/WinFuture)

This new chipset should finally usher in the era of high-performance Windows notebooks, which would offer high performance combined with huge battery life, up to 20 hours of video playback.

It is also revealed that the new Galaxy Book 4 Edge should cost around 1,799 euros, the equivalent of R$ 10,000 in direct conversion, a promising figure if Qualcomm’s platform keeps its ambitious promises, considering that the value is 200 euros lower to that of the MacBook Pro with M3 Chip.

The Galaxy Book 4 Edge line is expected to launch early next week, probably Monday, May 20. In addition to Samsung notebooks, we expect equally powerful and ultra-thin competitors to debut Qualcomm’s new high-efficiency processor during Samsung’s special event. Microsoft.

Recent losses point out that the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus AND the ASUS Vivobook S 15 they are some of the first models in the “PC AI” category. with Snapdragon X Elite chip.

Source: WinFuture (in German)

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