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Fortnite will have a crossover with Fallout

Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite: Battle Royale will receive Fallout content from its next update, scheduled for May 25th.

A new crossover is on the way Fortnite. Epic Games has confirmed that its popular battle royale will receive content from Fall In short. With this, players can now get ready to have a bit of the post-apocalyptic experience.

So much so that the studio has released the first official image of this franchise meeting. On its official profile on X, the company has brought works of art showing nothing less than a Power Armor, the powerful armor of the universe of Fall. That said, it seems obvious that the costume should be one of the new features that will be added to the game.

Epic did not provide further details on what will happen. We know for now that Season 3 of Chapter 5 of Fortnite it will be called Wrecked and will arrive on all platforms on May 25th.

And, given the confirmation of the collaboration with Fall, many fans try to imagine what other content will be added. From finding bottle caps (the currency in Bethesda games) to the post-apocalyptic title’s iconic monsters and weapons, fans will certainly have plenty to do within the battle royale.

The timing is also quite strategic. Before successful adaptation of Fall on PrimeVideo, it makes perfect sense that Epic would want to take advantage of all the buzz surrounding the franchise to enrich their game. Just remember that, shortly after the series premiered, the gaming numbers and monetization of these games have skyrocketed.

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