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Magalu Cloud participates in DevOpsDays in SP

Hyperscale cloud platform Magalu Cloud participates in DevOpsDays SP to get closer to the community and listen to developer requests

Hyperscale cloud platform Magalu Cloud is participating in DevOpsDays SP, this Saturday (18th), to get closer to the developer community and listen to the requests and needs of the industry. The event will be held at the Pullman Hotel, in Sao Paulo, and its main theme is the intersection between development and operations teams.

Magalu Cloud is a sponsor and will have a lounge at the event, where it will welcome developers interested in learning more about Magalu’s public cloud service and the opportunities that can be exploited both from the point of view of new products and in relation to the workforce of the platform.

Magalu Cloud at DevOpsDays

A Magalu Cloud was created to meet the needs of national companiesparticularly small and medium-sized businesses who often face cost-related barriers to digitalisation.

The company’s main goal in participating in DevOpsDays is to get closer to the community to build relationships, share knowledge and strengthen brand presence among developers.

According to the director of the Magalu Cloud platform, Thiago “Jesus” Catoto, “in addition to strengthening ties with the developer community, we want to listen to the requests of those who actually test, use and know the improvement needs that, often, other companies already consolidate on the market will not develop.”

Magalu Cloud participates in DevOpsDays to listen to requests from developers (Image: Thelma Vidales)

In April, the Magalu Cloud announced new products at Web Summit Rio 2024: Object Storage, secure and scalable data storage service, compatible with the S3 protocol; Turia IAM, an identity and access management solution, and ID Magalu, which offers integrated Single Sign On (SSO) authentication and allows a user to access various online services through a single account, without the need to have more recordings.

“We want people to incorporate our solutions into their projects, helping evolve our platform and, as a result, gain valuable insights from their experiences. We seek to create a Brazilian cloud that developers feel proud to use and want be part of it,” says the director.

DevOpsDays is held in more than 40 countries and brings together people interested in exchanging experiences on automation, infrastructure as code, quality of services Softwaredelivery carriers, testing, safety, management model and organizational culture, among other topics.

DevOpsDays SP will be held this Saturday (18th), starting at 10:00, at the Pullman Hotel in São Paulo, located in R. Olímpicos, 205.

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