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7 translations of series titles that make no sense

Many series are known for their original titles, but others have become popular in Brazil with names translated with unparalleled poetic license.

Brazil is one of the largest consumers of TV series, bringing here several series from all over the world to enrich the offer of television channels and catalogs of streaming. However, once they get here, many of these series end up receiving translated titles. And while some make sense, others seem like the work of someone completely crazy.

What would the translation of Fleabag be like for Brazilian TV?  (Image: Prime Video)

The idea of ​​translating the title of a series or film for the Brazilian public is quite common and is in line with the reality of our country, bringing productions closer to the reality and understanding of the viewer. However, some poetic liberties, madness or simply the rush to deliver the work before the end of the day, gave us some pearls that left an indelible memory.

7. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

30 Rock won a title unlike any other in Brazil (Image: Playback/NBC Universal)

30 Rock is one of the funniest comedy series of the last 20 years, showing the chaotic daily life of those who produce a program along the lines of Saturday night live. The series, which also stars actors who participated in the legendary program, such as Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey, is called 30 Rock because it is the address of the GE building, where the NBC studios are located, the broadcaster that broadcast the series.

However, once the series arrived in Brazil, it needed a new title that would make sense for local audiences. A genius watched the series, he watched some scenes with the characters of Morgan and Alec Baldwin, an executive always close to the production, took advantage of the fact that there already existed a series called Fresh Prince of Bel Air (which is also a meaningless translation) and it crashed A madman on TV.

6. For the right to start over

The Good Wife ended up mixing career reboot and law (Image: CBS)

The good wife is a lawyer drama series named after the story of a prosecutor’s wife who returns to her career as a lawyer after a corruption and sex scandal involves her husband. The “Good Wife” of the title is played by actress Julianna Margulies (Emergency Room: medical duty).

When she arrived in Brazil and needed a new title, someone looked at the synopsis, felt the potential of a soap opera, the fact that the protagonist had to return to her professional life, which was in a legal way, and that was it: For the right to start again. We must say that it was a good intuition.

5. Catwoman


You may be wondering since DC and Warner have produced a TV series Cat woman and we can say never. The character has already appeared in Batman-related series, but has never been the protagonist of a television production.

This did not prevent, when the series Birds of preywhich adapted the characters of the Birds of Prey group, with Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary as the main characters, received this name in Brazil.

You might even wonder why this title exists. The Huntress of the series is called Helena Kyle, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. Instead of considering the name of the character she actually plays in the series, someone answered her call and “she Will Cat woman. A big hug!” Detail: Catwoman herself does not appear in the series.

4. Leslie’s confusion

Poor Leslie who got caught in the middle of this bad headline (Image: NBC Universal)

Parks and Recreation it revealed Chris Pratt’s comedic timing to the world and provided wonderful characters, such as Ron Swanson, April Ludgate and Tom Haverford, played by Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari.

The series, which shows the daily life of the Parks and Recreation department of the town of Pawnee, featured Leslie Knoppe, played by Amy Poehler, a public servant who truly believes in the system and wants to help the local population. And although Parks and Recreation While it’s not a particularly easy title to adapt, when the series launched on Brazilian TV the laziest name possible was chosen: Leslie’s confusion. He doesn’t even get in trouble like that to receive that title.

3. Breaking Bad: the chemistry of evil

Breaking Bad's national title is so bad it's almost good (Image: AMC)

breaking Bad is certainly one of the points of reference of American TV, offering incredible seasons that tell the story of a chemistry teacher who, when he discovers he has cancer, decides to sell drugs to save money for his family. The evolution of Walter White, Bryan Cranston’s character, from “I want to protect my family” to master criminal is simply sensational.

Even translating the title of the series seems a bit difficult, as a literal translation would make the series look ridiculous. So, when the production arrived on Brazilian TV, the original title was kept, but with a subtitle that managed to be incredible and ridiculous at the same time.

2. Charlie’s Angels


The story of a group of police officers recruited to work in a detective agency, led by a mysterious man named Charlie, became a television success in the 1970s despite being criticized for often using the figure of the beautiful actresses selected for the roles, the series marked an era and received remakes and film versions, the most recent production is aimed at the Brazilian public.

In the United States and in several countries of the world, the trio of detectives were called Charlie’s Angels, or simply Charlie’s Angels, the original title of the series. However, when he arrived in Brazil, this name did not pass the test of translation. A more catchy title was needed and, using the language of the time, the series became one The Panthersname that is still used today for adaptations produced by Sony Images.

1. Excluded from the dance


Barred at the dance was an early ’90s series that revolved around a group of teenagers living in Beverly Hills. This idea was so strong that the original title of the series was simply 90210which is the zip code of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Just use the Postal Code of Los Angeles in the national title of the series would not make any sense. With this in mind, a genius at Rede Globo, where the series would be broadcast, decided to watch it to try to find something that could be used as a title. And he had a brilliant intuition, the true unattainable vision.

In the first episode, one of the characters tries to enter a nightclub using a false identity, as he is a minor, and ends up being blocked. The genius saw this scene, probably liked a song by singer Eduardo Dusek, released in the 80s, which has absolutely nothing to do with the series, and thought “There! Barred at the dance!”.


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