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After 45 years from Robin Williams, this hero will have the right to a new film

According to Variety, a new live-action film adaptation of the famous spinach-eating sailor is actually in the works by Chernin Entertainment and King Features, who are now looking for a studio partner to produce the project.

The character of Popeye first appeared in the comic strip of the same name in the late 1920s. The new film is reportedly currently in development as a big-budget feature film with screenwriter Michael Kaleo to write the script. .

It will be the first live-action take on the character’s story since the 1980 Robert Altman-directed musical starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall as Olive Oil. At the time, the film grossed $60 million worldwide against a $20 million budget, and although it was panned upon release, its popularity gradually grew, making it a cult favorite over time.

for reference Robin Williams Also made this comedy before becoming a star in Jumanji or Dead Poets Circle: this is actually his first major role and also one of his most impressive films with a setting that was built for the occasion in Malta and even became an amusement park. , Popeye Village, which can still be visited today!

Popeye celebrates his 95th birthday!

Popeye, who celebrated his 95th birthday this year, debuted in 1929 in the Thimble Theater comics, spawning an animated series and feature films. Popeye may also be one of the first mass-produced models for several generations.

A new animated film is also due to see the light of day in 2020, but due to artistic differences between Sony Pictures Animation and director Gennady Tartakovsky, there’s been no news since then… and yet a test was held to find out here.

Meanwhile, Popeye remains alive and well: two years ago, the character was named as the main inspiration for Moschino’s menswear collections, Supreme and A Swimming Ape. Popeye is also the face of spinach from the McCall Farms brand—in the cartoons, the vegetable offers the sailor superpowers to defeat his enemies—a brand that features Popeye’s logo and face on its canned goods.

Some dedicated fans have also created a series of movie trailers that the director himself, all fictional, have collectively garnered millions of views. In these trailers, the character is seen as a chained warrior with the physical appearance of ‘Dwayne Johnson’, which could be the direction this new feature film will take.

In the meantime, find the Popeye, Sailor series on Prime Video. For the Robin Williams live-action version, you’ll have to switch to DVDs.

Source: Allocine

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