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Lawmaker challenges Netflix to provide evidence about ‘Baby Reindeer’ stalker.

The series Little reindeer, from Netflix, has been a huge success in recent weeks, as it shows the case of a stalker who stalked a comedian. The story is based on real events. And Netflix may face some complications in court due to the production.

According to information from expirationa British lawmaker has challenged Netflix to provide evidence on the claim that the “real-life” Martha is convicted of stalking, something shown in the series.

In real life, the Martha portrayed in the episodes is Fiona Harvey, the woman who allegedly stalked comedian Richard Gadd, creator of Little reindeer and who plays himself in the production – but in the world of the series his name is Donny.

Netflix must back up the claims made Little reindeersays the deputy

(Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

John Nicolson, a Scottish National Party MP who sits on the British Parliament’s influential Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said Netflix had a duty to stand by claims made in Richard’s hit “true story” series Gadd after Martha was identified as Fiona Harvey.

Nicolson asked Benjamin King, senior director of public policy at Netflix UK, to provide evidence of Harvey’s criminal record after telling the committee that Little reindeer It is a “true story of Gadd’s horrific abuse at the hands of a convicted stalker.”

“Journalists have so far been unable to find any trace of the conviction he was referring to. Can you provide me with evidence of this serious statement you made to the Committee,” states the legislator in the letter addressed to the director of Netflix.

Nicolson stopped short of claiming that King had made a misleading statement. Knowingly false statements during select committee hearings can result in contempt of Parliament in the UK.

The stalker who inspired the series Bebê Rena denies the events depicted in the series

Image: Netflix/Disclosure

“Portraying someone as a convicted criminal who has served a prison sentence, when that is not true, is a clear case of defamation as it is bound to cause serious damage to that person’s reputation,” said one of the lawyers working on the case . defending Fiona Harvey.

Netflix did not respond to questions on the matter Little reindeer. During last week’s committee hearing, King said Netflix had taken “all reasonable precautions” to protect the identities of those dramatized in the series.

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