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Rains in South Carolina cause floods, leave people homeless and cities are on alert

Rio do Sul had the rainiest day in the last 8 years; in Blumenau the river exceeded 8.61 metres

Heavy rains hit the regions of Santa Catarina from the afternoon of this Saturday 18th, causing the full of a river and flooding in some cities of State. The residents remained islands of Rio do Sul and he needed saving. The state is on alert.

Until 10am this Sunday, 19th, the Itajaí-Açu RiverIn Blumenau, reached the altitude of 8.61 meters, with an increase of 6 cm compared to the previous measurement. According to the city’s Civil Protection, the trend is for the maximum altitude to be 8.80 metres, around 2pm.

Eight calls were also recorded in the city: three for landslides, three for falling trees, one for risk analysis and one flood, but none of large proportions. Furthermore, there were no injuries.

According to the city hall, only one shelter remains active in the city located in the Itoupava Norte neighborhood, where three families, six adults, three teenagers and two children live. There are also three dogs and three cats on site.

The level of the Itajaí-Açu river rose and stabilized in Blumenau.  The peak is expected to reach a maximum of 8.80 meters

The municipality of Southern River Saturday had the wettest day in 8 years and was one of the hardest hit in the state. The city council said it will declare a state of emergency due to the flooding. According to the municipal administration, 152.2 millimeters of rain fell, surpassing the then record recorded on May 4, 2022 with 99.8 millimeters. The rainfall accumulated in the last two days was 167 millimeters.

According to a statement from the State Civil Protection, the river overflowed in the neighborhoods of Barra do Trombudo, Taboão, Valada São Paulo, Ribeirão do Tigre and Ribeirão Matador. The neighborhoods most affected by the floods until 6pm on Saturday were Santa Rita, Canoas, Bela Aliança and Taboão. There was a wall collapse in the Barragem neighborhood, putting a residence at risk.

A stranded family had to be rescued in the Valada neighborhood of Sao Paulo by fire crews. The rescue took place on Saturday around 12.30pm. Two adults and five children were taken by dinghy from the house on Rua João Marchi to a safe location, according to the NCS Total website. This Sunday morning, 201 people were in six shelters.

Source: Terra

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