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Richard Linklater says superheroes ended sex in movies

Director of productions such as Antes do Amanhecer (1995), Escola de Rock (2003) and Boyhood – Da Infância à Juventude (2014) is not a fan of the genre

Richard Linklaterdirector of productions such as Before Dawn (1995), School of Rock (2003) and Boyhood – From Childhood to Youth (2014), is yet another filmmaker giving his opinion on superhero films. In this case, the director believes that the popularization of the genre ended sex in cinema.

What he said?

In an interview with The Times of Londonthe filmmaker stated that films like Marvel and DC do not have sex in their plots and, with the popularization of the genre in Hollywood, new film productions have been starring “characters that are not sexy”:

“Sex and violence is what cinema does very well. Sex has always been the big seller; I don’t know why they backed away from that”pondered Linklater. “Hollywood has started feeding this new generation of characters that aren’t sexy. Superheroes don’t have sex. They don’t have genitalia, to be honest.”

Linklater’s new film should feature sex and violence

Linklater’s next work, Random Killer, promises to bring a lot of sex and violence, just as the director likes. Inspired by a 2001 Texas Monthly article, the film, which stars Glen Powell (Everyone But You) and is scheduled to premiere on June 12, a police officer infiltrated in the world of crime, who poses as a hitman for hire to arrest those who try to hire him, he ends up falling in love with a woman in danger.

Which 2024 release are you most looking forward to? Vote for your favorite movie!

  • Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (May 23)
  • Bandit (June 13)
  • Inside Out 2 (June 20)
  • A Quiet Place: Day One (June 27)
  • Deadpool 3 (July 25)
  • Trap (August)
  • Borderlands (August 8)
  • The Crow (August 22)
  • Ghosts Still Play (September 5)
  • Late Night with the Devil (September 26)
  • Joker 2 (October 4)
  • Venom 3 (October 25)
  • Gladiator 2 (November 22)
  • Wicked (November 27)
  • Moana 2 (November 27)
  • O Auto da Compadecida 2 (December 25)

Source: Rollingstone

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