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Tonight on TV: Rated 4.1 out of 5, this is one of the best biopics ever made

Elvis Presley biopic? What fool would dare such a challenge? Come to think of it, there can only really be one person to bring the king’s turbulent fortunes to the screen: Baz Luhrmann. And it’s a real treat to see that it’s a truly visionary Australian filmmaker to whom we owe the brilliant Moulin Rouge! And Romeo + Juliet, who got caught up in it. And how ! Because his Elvis is a fascinating experience….

  • Elvis in Hollywood, a look back at the painful experience

ElvisIt was released in cinemas in 2022 after an event presentation at the Cannes Film Festival.Elvis Presley (Austin Butler) in the prism of his complicated relationship with his mysterious manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). The film traces their relationship over twenty years, from the singer’s rise to unparalleled star status, amid cultural upheaval and America’s discovery of the end of innocence.

Exaggerated, extravagant, baroque, spectacular, full of energy, insane generosity and visually insane, Elvis Presley biopic Moreover, it manages to really move people. In short, with this baroque performance like no other, Baz Luhrmann It fascinates us and offers us an opportunity to show young people in the eyes of the world Austin ButlerAbsolutely stunning as a translator Suspicious thoughts, Love me hard or Purple suede shoes.

“I felt like I had to drop everything I was doing to get the role.declares Austin ButlerRecently seen in the credits of Dune: Part Two. “I became completely obsessed with the world of Elvis. I started reading and watching everything I could about his life, his friends, his relationships. I only listened to his music. I even sent him before the audition. Baz Luhrmann A video where they saw me playing the piano and singing Unchained Melody.”

90 different costumes!

To adopt Elvis’ physical appearance, servant He worked with a movement coach and was also surrounded by several vocal coaches. Songs from the period up to the 1960s are performed by the actor, sometimes with a mix of his and Elvis’ voices. For the second part of the star’s career, with its gigantic concerts, the team used Presley’s own recordings.

King’s Game from 17 to 42 years old, Austin Butler Also passed into the hands of the special make-up effects team. The final look of the overweight singer required, for example, 5 hours of makeup a day. Finally, we note that the costume team took on the challenge of covering three decades, the 50s, 60s and 70s, resulting in Austin Butler wearing over 90 different costumes!

Are you ready to discover an incredible biopic of the fascinating and legendary figure through which American history is told? So take a quick look ElvisYou will put it in your eyes, ears and heart ! One… two… one, two, three, four…

Tonight on France 2 at 21:10.

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Source: Allocine

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