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How to create a portfolio on LinkedIn

Find out how to create a portfolio on LinkedIn and take advantage of the tools of the professional social network to highlight your projects, experiences and skills

You can create a portfolio at LinkedIn to highlight your professional experiences and present a selection of your best work and achievements to gain followers and attract the attention of potential clients and employers. On the professional social network, you can post updates and news about your career and connect with other people in your field.

Access to LinkedIn is free, but there is also a Premium version for those who want to obtain data on industry trends, market analyses, sales opportunities for businesses and strengthen their profile on the network.

How to create a portfolio on LinkedIn

To create your portfolio on LinkedIn, you need to create an attractive profile page and enter information in the bio, activities, experiences, skills and academic background sections.

  1. Create a LinkedIn account;
  2. Enter personal information in your profile;
  3. Enter your academic background;
  4. Highlight the most relevant experiences in your career;
  5. Select your skills in the field in which you work;
  6. Ask for advice from colleagues who have worked with you before;
  7. List and describe projects and courses undertaken;
  8. Share links, publications and materials with examples of your work;
  9. Add your best “Featured” samples.

  10. Fill out your LinkedIn profile information with activities, skills, advice, and career highlights (Image: Screenshot/Guilherme Haas/Canaltech)

When posting materials with examples of your work, be sure not to share sensitive and private content from companies you work for or have worked for.

How to use highlights as a portfolio on LinkedIn

You can explore the “Featured” section of your LinkedIn profile to select posts, articles, links, and photos that are most representative of your work. This feature sets up a carousel on your profile page with the selected materials.

Here’s how to include “featured” content:

  1. Access your LinkedIn profile page;
  2. Tap “Add section”;
  3. Enter Recommended > Add to Foreground;
  4. Select post, article, link or photo.

  5. add

Once you have entered a selection of highlights for the first time, you can edit the materials, delete them or add more through the “Highlights” section on the profile page.

See also tips to make LinkedIn attractive.

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