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First impressions: BYD Shark starts off on the right foot

We have already driven the new BYD Shark, the brand’s first hybrid pick-up, which offers 430 HP and promises to ignite the pick-up battle in Brazil

After shaking up the Brazilian market with the electric Dolphin and the Dolphin Mini, BYD wants to enter the medium pick-up segment with everything. And the first step was taken last week, with the presentation of the new Shark pick-up in Mexico City (Mexico). Guia do Carro has already had a first (and brief) contact with the BYD Shark, which is expected to arrive in Brazil between August and September this year.

And to venture into the pickup segment, BYD appears to have looked to Ford’s F-Series line for inspiration, which have been sales leaders for decades in the American market. At the front, the BYD Shark features LED headlights connected by a horizontal bar, a solution similar to that adopted by the Ford F-150 Lightning.

New BYD shark

The fenders are clearly highlighted on the sides. The body has straight lines and at the rear the LED lights are also connected by the trunk lid, which has a conventional opening. The set is visually pleasing and gives the pickup a sturdy feel, which is a little larger than current average pickups.

It is 5.45 m long and 1.97 m wide, with a wheelbase of 3.26 m. According to BYD, the extra size translates into more interior space, even more so with the straight rear floor (without central tunnel) and the seats with a greater inclination – and less straight than the competition.

BYD shark

Speaking of the interior, the finishes are one of the details of the new BYD Shark. There are rubberized materials throughout the upper part of the dashboard and on the front and rear doors, which is rare in the medium-sized pickup segment. The digital panel has a 10.25″ screen, while the 12.8″ rotatable multimedia center features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Both screens have the same operating system and interface as other BYD cars.

Our quick test drive aboard the BYD Shark in Mexico City included a short stretch of a few kilometers in a busy area of ​​the Mexican capital, which did not allow for greater contact with the pickup truck. The electric steering could be a little more direct, while the suspension features firm settings. However, it was possible to notice that the Shark does not skimp on power and acceleration, which is a very positive point.

BYD shark

This is due to Shark’s plug-in hybrid package, consisting of a 1.5 turbo petrol engine and two electric motors. Together they offer 430 hp and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. Total range reaches 840 km in the Chinese cycle, with 100 km of electric range. BYD also points out that the pickup can serve as a power source for various devices.

It has all-wheel drive and features an intelligent system that automatically adjusts the torque distribution between the front and rear wheels, depending on the terrain. The bucket has a capacity of up to 1,450 liters and carries up to 835 kg of load. Towing capacity is up to 2,500 kg.

BYD shark

The new BYD Shark debuts with the new DMO (Dual-Mode Off-Road) platform, exclusive to BYD hybrid cars focused on off-road. Therefore, initially the pickup should not have an electric version. According to BYD, the choice is due to the fact that pick-ups are used in remote locations and in more serious situations, where there may not be the necessary infrastructure for an electric car.

The new BYD Shark will be a car with global reach and will be launched first in Mexico, before reaching other Latin American markets. In Mexico it will be sold in two versions, with prices between R$275,000 and R$295,000. In Brazil, prices for the new pick-up have not yet been revealed, but it should hit the market between August and September this year.

However, for comparison purposes, the prices of the Song Plus SUV in Mexico are very close to those charged in Brazil. With this, there is a possibility that BYD Shark will arrive in Brazil with prices close to R$ 300 thousand or 350 thousand. If the brand decides to bet on aggressive pricing, the BYD Shark seems to have the power to change the midsize pickup market in Brazil. We await (anxiously) the scenes of the next chapters.

Source: Terra

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