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Why is Penelope wearing green dresses after her transformation in ‘Brigerton 3’? The concept

In “Brigerton,” the costumes are deliberate and often used to reflect the personalities and developments of his characters. Proof of this is that, in season 3, Colin changes the costumes we met him in in the first installments for an appearance more similar to that of a pirate.

With this in mind, the transformation or “glow” that Penelope undergoes in the latest installment holds a special meaning.

Why Is Penelope Featherington Wearing Green After Her Bridgerton Season 3 Transformation?

In season three, Penelope Featherington, played by Nicola Coughlan, undergoes a major transformation: she decides to leave her mother and sisters behind by all means to take charge of her own life. This change is reflected in her wardrobe, which moves away from the citrus colors imposed on her by her family and adopts new shades.

The first dress we see on her after her appearance change is an emerald green.

John Glaser, costume designer for the series, explained in an interview with ‘Varierty’ that this color is ‘on the other side of the color wheel of his family’s yellows and oranges’, marking his distance from the Featheringtons a statement that he would he’s doing things his way this season.”

This first look has another meaning. It’s the darkest (her gloves are black) of anything she’s worn this season, representing that it’s her “first attempt” and perhaps exaggerated by her revamped image, Glaser told “Glamour.”

However, as the episodes progress, Penelope falls back into pastel shades, which vary between green and blue. According to Glaser in “Teen Vogue” and “Glamour”, these colors represent a garden or a flower, which refers to the fact that the author of Lady Whistledown will bloom this season.

In addition, the creative team of ‘Brigerton’ moved away from the bright colors for the protagonist to continue to go unnoticed at parties and thus hear the juiciest gossip of society.

Another detail that stands out about Penelope Featherington’s wardrobe in ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 is that it’s a little more revealing: “We tried, because of what her character does, to show as much skin as possible. So a lot of the her sleeves And the gloves are transparent even her little gloves are just hints: hints of jewelry, hints of gloves, so we see her skin and her body shape,” Glaser explained to “Glamour.”

Penelope Featherington already wore a green dress in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Although green becomes an important color for Penelope in Season 3, it’s not the first time she’s worn it. In Season 2, Penelope had already incorporated green into her wardrobe. However, on that occasion, he had another intention. In May 2022, costume designer Sophie Canale explained that it was a nod to the fact that the next installment would focus on ‘Polin’, as she is the combination of green and yellow.

According to John Glaser, season three avoided dresses that were subtly green so fans wouldn’t theorize about the end of the story.

Did you like Penelope Featherington’s ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 makeover? Write your opinion in the comments.

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