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Movie Quiz: Can You Identify These 9 Movies?

Limited to supporting roles in the 2000s, especially in the productions of Guillaume Canet, Laurent Lafitte began to be recognized by the public in 2010 thanks to the production of Petits. Then very quickly, he was offered leading roles in comedies (De l’other side. The ring, 16 or more…) while joining the prestigious Comédie-Française.

After becoming an essential figure in French cinema, the man, who next month will star in the highly-anticipated Count of Monte Cristo, went behind the camera in 2021 for The Origins of the World, a daring comedy to be broadcast tonight on France 3.

In this case, we invite you to identify 9 Laurent Lafitte films using a single image. But until then, here are some secrets from the set of the movie in which she stars alongside Vincent McCain.

did you know

Origin of the project

Laurent Lafitte discovered Sébastien Thierry’s play of the same name in 2013. Although there were many laughs during the play, there was a second, more serious level of reading, which focused on questions such as the severity of family secrets and how to do so. Free yourself when you grow up in vain…

He, who directed his first film, explains: “These topics are close to me. This story called me so much, I dreamed so much that I didn’t want to write anything else for my first film.”

Vincent McCain as you have never seen before!

Laurent Lafitte wanted to show Vincent McCain as he had never been seen on screen, making Michel’s character a somewhat penniless aristocrat. The director envisioned him in clean-shaven, straight-leg 501 jeans, slightly worn Weston burgundy loafers, a Barbour jacket that was too big, and a ring with its shaft turned inside out! “It was so much fun thinking about the details. I didn’t ask her to gain weight, but she did it instinctively for the role, it was perfectLafitte recalls.

Source: Allocine

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