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‘The Great Conquest 2’: Edlaine criticizes Paganote: ‘Problematic lines’

Edlaine criticized the former paquita during her stay in “The Great Conquest”

Edlaine stated that Catia Paganote he has “problem with women”. The topic came up later Vinigram comment on the recent discussions with the ex-paquita.

She replied that she doesn’t intend to settle down with Catia. “It doesn’t make sense to me. She keeps talking about how she’s better than someone here. I can’t argue, it’s what’s inside her.”He said.

Conquisteira also said that the former Paquita has problems with women. “Several problem lines”commented. “But when it comes to her don’t worry. The person who pisses me off the most is Brenno, who is a real liar”.

Paganote became known nationally for working as a stage assistant for Xuxa in the 90s her nickname was Miúxa. In the cast of The farm.

Check out Edlaine’s recent video!

Source: Terra

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