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Kevinho resumes his career after progress in his mother’s care: “Practically healed”

The funk singer also announced that he is developing new musical projects and already has a preview of what’s to come

MC Kevinho spoke in the early hours of this Tuesday (21/5) to update the health status of his mother, Sueli, who is being treated for breast cancer. The funk singer said the matriarch is “pretty much healed” and that he is ready to resume his music career.

On Instagram, Kevinho posted a sort of warning for his fans not to skip a series of videos about the news, as his followers often ask if everything is fine behind the scenes. “Hey family! I know you’re wondering where I am, right? I get millions of messages a day from people asking, ‘Where are you? Where are you? How are things? How’s your mom?’. Today, I finally got decided to appear here to talk to you a little and explain everything that happened, thank God I bring only good news!”, he began.

“As you know, I have stopped my musical career since I discovered my mother’s illness. Thanks to God and your prayers, she was a warrior. She faced several battles, overcame chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Today the situation is fantastic; he will practically recover. He will continue the treatment, taking a pill for five years. Now it’s more about monitoring, doing regular tests to make sure the disease doesn’t return.

Kevinho took advantage of the speech to announce the preview of a new song and preview his new projects. “And now I’m back to doing what I love most in life, which is making music for you. I’ve already produced several new songs. I’m in several projects that I’ve been thinking about all this time that my mother has been taking care of, I’ve put all these projects into practice. Now I have been able to work with my heart and soul, with my head always focused on my musical career”, he concluded.

Listen to the first preview of Kevinho’s new phase.

Source: Terra

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