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Deadpool and Wolverine get a fun synopsis

It’s nothing new that the Deadpool films have a humorous tone and sometimes make jokes inspired by the Marvel universe itself. In this trend, the new Deadpool and Wolverine he went further and incorporated this humor into his synopsis as well.

The two previous films in the series are already very characteristic for their jokes with Marvel characters – always with the charisma of Ryan Reynolds, who plays the protagonist and writes the screenplay.

This time, Marvel has released a synopsis in which the antihero’s next film is called a “mistake” by the company that owns the character.

“Marvel Studios presents their most significant mistake to date: Deadpool and Wolverine. An apathetic Wade Wilson revels in his life as a simple civilian. His days as the morally flexible mercenary Deadpool are now behind us,” reads an excerpt of the synopsis.

“When his world comes under an existential threat, Wade reluctantly dons the uniform again with an even more reluctant Wolverine to… damn, the synopses are so stupid.”, completes the synopsis.

Dead Pool. Reproduction/Fox

It’s worth mentioning that this is the first Deadpool movie to actually take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character’s other two previous titles still belonged to Fox, so they were not yet part of the same universe.

Deadpool and Wolverine marks the return of Hugh Jackman as the famous X-Men

Dead Pool
Image: Playback/Fox

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