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Deadpool and Wolverine: Ryan Reynolds surprised by a radical decision by Disney

Deadpool and WolverineMarvel’s first R-rated film

Six years after his last appearance, the most irreverent superhero in cinema returns Deadpool and Wolverine. For the occasion the character played by Ryan Reynolds he will then team up with Wolverine. We will thus find Hugh Jackman in the role of the famous mutant, who he hasn’t played on screen since 2017 and the release of Logan.

The first two Dead Pool proved that they were different from other Marvel films. The creative teams behind these feature films had the freedom to use them cheeky humor (which could also be defined as trash) to stage the character’s adventures. The third film is no exception. It’s even the first Marvel film to be rated R In the USA. This means that adults must accompany children under 17 if they want to see it.

Ryan Reynolds welcomes Disney’s decision

The classification of Deapool and Wolverine it therefore proves that Disney left great creative freedom to the team behind the film. Exactly, Ryan Reynolds praised the big-eared company for this decision. In an interview with Fandangothe actor said to himself ” proud “ Disney decision makers for taking this risk. He even admitted that he was surprised by this choice:

I’m really proud of them for doing this. I think this is a huge step for them. I was surprised they let us get the R rating this far. But I’m very grateful for it.

According to the actor, the freedom given to films with this classification was necessary For Deadpool and Wolverine. Because according to him it allowed the creative team of Shawn Levy’s film to make it happen “everything we want in a world where everything is possible. »

Just over two months before release

Disney chose to exit Deadpool and Wolverine this summer. The film will arrive in French cinemas July 24th. Let’s remember that, according to Shawn Levy, there will be no need to (re)see the other MCU films to find out.

Source: Cine Serie

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