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What your Lilith says about you

Come and find out what your Lilith says about you about the darkest and wildest side of your personality

what’s your Lilith does it say about you? This is a little-known point on the Astral Map, but it shows fundamental aspects for self-knowledge.

Lilith represents the darkest and wildest side of our personality. Therefore, she connects us with our deepest desires and repressed aspects.

So how about finding out what your Lilith says about you? This can be an exciting and enlightening journey, allowing you to connect with the deepest parts of your sexual and intuitive nature.

What is Lilith in our theme?

Lilith, in mythology, is often associated with the figure of a powerful and independent woman who challenges norms and conventions.

In Astrology, Lilith represents our inner shadow, those aspects of ourselves that we hide or have been repressed over time. It is associated with our sexuality, personal power and hidden desires.

It is not a physical celestial body like the Sun, Moon or other planetsbut rather a mathematical point representing the dark side of the Moon, so Lilith represents the shadow, repressed aspects and a person’s deepest sexual desire.

Therefore, when you discover what your Lilith says about you, it opens a door to a deeper understanding of your fears and secret desires related to love and sex.

How to discover your Lilith

You have to create your own Sexual map – which is the astrological chart focused on sexuality. Just follow it step by step?

What the sign of Lilith says about you

So, now that you know your Lilith’s sign, see below what it reveals about you and how this energy can affect your relationships and your life.

Lilith in Aries

Surprising sensuality and intense desires

Indicates a marked sensuality and desire to dominate during sex. You may act with indiscretion and emotional instability, which can scare some people. Therefore, she prefers partners who keep up with her fast pace and likes to hear seductive words.

In Taurus

Lover of pleasure and comfort

You naturally attract people and have exceptional sensuality. He is a lover of pleasures, but must be careful not to turn them into compulsions. He enjoys touch and affection, prioritizing comfort and intimacy in the relationship.

Lilith in Gemini

Master of words and freedom

A person who knows how to use words to win. Flexible and adaptable, you rationalize your sexuality, which can lead to tantrums or overthinking about your performance. He greatly appreciates freedom and prefers people who are carefree and open to new experiences.

Lilith in Cancer

Need and search for security

Naturally needy, you have to feel important to express your sexuality. In this sense, trust is fundamental to experiencing pleasure. Your sexual appetite may fluctuate and you tend to seek understanding and patient, possibly older, partners.

In Leo

Seduction and abundant passion

He prioritizes sex and needs to feel admired. Your sexual appetite is abundant and you like to envelop people in your aura of seduction. Therefore, he prefers modern, good-natured partners who know how to separate sex from love.

Lilith in Virgo

Perfectionism and secret desires

You worry about details, which can damage your intimate moments. He has difficulty expressing secret desires and appears cold. But your partner’s patience is essential for you to appear more affectionate and seductive.

In Libra

Search for Harmony and Aesthetic Pleasure

Values ​​harmony in relationships, but can accumulate hurt feelings by not expressing discontent. He seeks idealized love and is horrified by the vulgarity of sex. He prefers relationships with pleasure beyond the physical one, feeling more at ease with those he knows well.

Lilith in Scorpio

Energy and emotional intensity

Full of energy, it indicates a strong desire and the ability to attract people easily. You may have emotional scars and have bouts of jealousy and anger. But try to hide desires considered inappropriate.

Lilith in Sagittarius

Curiosity and innovation in sex

He brings within four walls an innate curiosity and a desire for intense experiences. He rarely becomes attached to just one person, using sex as an outlet. Additionally, you may appreciate boundary-pushing practices.

In Capricorn

Power and sexual ambition

You convey an image of power and generate admiration. In bed you worry about your partner’s appreciation, but you fear that you are unattractive. They also look for younger, more sensitive partners who offer security in love.

Lilith in Aquarius

Sexual freedom and creativity

It can lead to sexual relationships within the circle of friends, creating tension. Despite a libertarian position, he often does not apply it in her life. You enjoy creativity and eccentric behavior, but have difficulty meeting the expectations of others.

In Pisces

Sensitivity and search for meaning

Extremely sensitive, he seeks sexual experiences that go beyond physical pleasure, desiring an emotional fusion. They tend to live in platonic or idealized love and always look for deeper meaning in relationships.

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