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R$561 thousand a year, better food: what is the college where Gugu’s son studied like

João Augusto Liberato, son of Gugu and Rose Miriam, graduated from Rollins College, a prestigious private college in the USA

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Another heir to a Brazilian television icon has graduated! João Augusto Liberato, 22, completed a business administration course, with a specialization in communications, at Rollins College, Florida, United States.

Last week, Rose Miriam shared photos of her son’s graduation on Instagram, with photos alongside his sisters, Sofia and Marina Liberato.

“It is with immense joy in our hearts that we celebrate João’s graduation this morning (…) Now a door opens so that he can walk peacefully, always moving forward with God in his heart. Dad was not physically present, but spiritually very happy with this result,” Rose wrote in an initial post. She later shared more photos of the moment.

Rollins College is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States. Part of the Top 20 University Foods in Brazil and the Top 25 Best Health Services, the institution also has other bright spots, such as an interdisciplinary curriculum, impactful experiences outside the classroom, and an integrated mentoring model.

Check out some information about Rollins College below!

The best university in the South

Much more than a beautiful campus, Rollins College, a college located in Winter Park, Florida (USA), is considered the best college in the south of the country, according to the website News from the United States. Founded in 1885, the private university has an 80-hectare field and had 2,263 undergraduate enrollments in 2022.

The university offers 60 courses for native and foreign students. The most sought after are business economics, communication, journalism and marketing.

With what promises to be a “unique educational experience”, Rollins College establishes an SAT test as a selection criterion, which functions like an entrance exam carried out by American universities. interested in studying, similar to what happens in Brazil.

The annual tuition at Rollins College varies between $26,000 and $110,000, or between R$133,000 and R$562,000, respectively, at the current price. According to the information on the website News on TV, the basic university tuition is 9,000 USD, approximately R$46,000. Depending on the SAT score, students are eligible for a scholarship.

Source: Terra

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