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Un Si Grand Soleil Preview: Tuesday May 21, 2024 Episode Summary [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil airing tomorrow night on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

On Tuesday 21 May at Un si grand soleil…

The police arrested Borde’s accomplice

After learning that his father could have a new heart and live many more years, Arno was disappointed.

The next day, Thais goes to Agera’s house to recover the robbery. She then takes advantage of her meeting with Florent to ask him the news about Anne, but above all to tell her that she finds it hard to believe that she could harm her husband. Since he also believes that he is innocent, the lawyer thinks that the real culprit is in Agerasi’s inner circle.

After a while, it’s time for a rematch featuring Judge Alphad, Captain Leon, Tais, Arno, and Anna. A difficult ordeal for everyone, but especially for Philip’s widow, who struggles to hold back tears as she recounts how she discovered her husband’s lifeless body. Obviously, Arno takes this opportunity to once again accuse him of murdering his father.

Later, Cedric arrives at Agera’s house to boost Arno’s morale. He then offers her a night of pizza and beer, which doesn’t seem to charm Thais.

Not far from there, Alex and Manu found traces of Borde’s accomplice Frederik Valek. Under pressure from the police, the latter confesses to the robbery of Agera’s house. On the other hand, he claims that he has never killed anyone. He said Philip was alive and well when they left.

Meanwhile, Tais is preparing to leave the Agera house when she overhears Cedric telling another on the phone that he can give her €30,000 in cash to buy his sailboat.

Natalie is employed by L. Cosmétiques

In the morning, Berthier informs Boris that he has found the perfect person to replace the company’s switch operator. Lamière’s son agrees to meet him for an interview, so Berthier calls Nathalie to tell him. The latter warmly thanks him.

During the interview, Boris asks Natalie about her numerous professional experiences in temporary work, as well as periods of unemployment. While he tries to justify himself, Berthier comes to his rescue, highlighting his many qualities and skills. Finally, Laumiere’s son picks up Nathalie and welcomes her to L. Cosmétiques.

After looking around the company, he calls his son to tell him the good news. He then tells her that he got the job thanks to a man he met on the beach. When he asks if they’re together, Natalie says they’re just acquaintances.

In the evening, Natalie invites Laurent to dinner to thank him for everything he has done for her. And suffice it to say, Berthier is indeed under the spell of Tom and Emma’s mother.

Source: Allocine

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