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Murder in Paradise: Will there be a 14th season without Neville Parker (Ralph Little)?

Murders in Paradise season 13 ended with joy, but also with great heartache on France 2… At the end of these episodes, our hero Neville Parker left Sainte-Marie to finally live fully in his love story with Florence. Cassel (Josephine Joubert)!

Goodbye Neville Parker

British actor Ralph Little, who played the main character of the series, actually decided to leave detective literature. A few weeks ago, he also justified this exit while appearing on a popular talk show across the channel.

He explained: “If it was only a choice of the heart, I would have liked to continue for another 20 years. But for the series and for my character, Neville, it felt like his story was over and his journey was over. He deserved a happy ending and it was only the most sensible thing to do.

Season 14 “Murder in Paradise”

But does Ralph Little’s departure mean the end of the murders in paradise? There is no way! The latter will be replaced by another actor, who will therefore play a new character who leads the investigation. We already know who this long-awaited heir will be!

In the next installments of Murder in Paradise, it’s Don Gillette who takes up the torch. He portrays Inspector Mervyn Wilson. British viewers will be able to discover it in a special Christmas episode in late 2024, and then in a 14th season scheduled for 2025! Filming has already started in Guadeloupe.

Don Gillette replaces Ralph Little

Enthusiastic about joining this adventure, the new star of the program said: “Being offered this lead role in Murder in Paradise makes me feel like I’m receiving a deeply loved and incredibly precious piece of jewelry. It’s an important series with a lot of heart that grows to love.”

No doubt Don Gillette will do his best to convince fans… but will they be able to completely forget Ralph Little and Neville Parker? The sequel will be Murders in Paradise.

Source: Allocine

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