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The PC gaming market grew more than the console market in 2023

Revenue on PC increased by more than 8%, while on console the increase was less than 0.5%


Newzoo said 2023 represented a “recovery year” for gaming, with PCs seeing the greatest sales revenue growth.

Market researchers from the company Newzoo said that 2023 will be a “year of recovery” for games, with the platform that recorded the greatest growth being the PC.

Revenue from sales of PC games, microtransactions and service subscriptions increased 8.4% compared to 2022, while console sales grew only 0.3% and mobile sales decreased 2.1% (through PC Gamer).

The console and mobile gaming markets, however, are still much larger than those for PC gaming. In 2023, Newzoo said total mobile gaming revenue was $89.9 billion, console revenue was $52.4 billion, and PC revenue was $39.6 billion .

The numbers are estimates and do not include hardware sales, but they show that the gap between consoles and PCs is narrowing.

Newzoo attributes the PC’s growth in part to the fact that more and more distributors are releasing games for the platform, as is the case with Sony. Another factor driving this market concerns the “solid performance” of companies such as Valve, Epic Games and miHoYo.

Finally, following the boost the market received due to the pandemic, due to people spending more time at home playing games during the period, Newzoo said that gaming revenue declined in 2021, stabilized in 2022 and grew by an estimated total of 0.5% in 2021. 2023, which is why he says last year represented a “recovery”.

However, the company urges caution, as “game hours have dropped precipitously” and notices it “90% of new game revenue in 2023 came from 43 games.”

Source: Terra

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