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This will happen in the second part of ‘Brigerton’ season 3, according to the book

With the overwhelming success of the series “Brigerton” on Netflix, fans are eager to find out what the second part of the third season, based on the novels of Julia Quinn, has in store. In particular, the book “Seducing Mr. Bridgerton” offers clues about the possible twists and developments that could come to the screen in the upcoming episodes.

Below will be spoilers for the series and the book this season is based on.

How does the first part of ‘Brigderton 3’ end on Netflix?

The first four episodes of “Brigerton 3” have caused a lot of discussion on the Internet, especially because of the unexpected ending. In the final chapter, Colin crashes a ball to prevent Penelope Featherington from getting engaged to Lord Debling.

After this event, Colin confesses his feelings to his friend and she reciprocates, leading to an intimate moment in a carriage. Arriving at the Bridgerton mansion, Colin encourages Penelope to accompany him inside as he wants to make her his wife, thus ending the first part of the season.

To the surprise of many, we can find out exactly what will happen in the second part, thanks to the book “Seducing Mr. Bridgerton,” which tells the central events that we will likely see on screen on June 13.

The second part of ‘Brigerton 3’: What is in store for us, according to the books?

In an attempt to discover Lady Whistledown’s identity, Lady Danbury offers a reward to anyone with information. During this time, Cressida Cowper claims to be the gossip to get the money, since her financial situation is vulnerable.

At the same time, Colin realizes, through a series of clues, that Penelope is Lady Whistledown, which creates a lot of conflict between them, since several members of the Bridgerton family are mentioned in her column.

Eager to end the drama, Penelope is determined to confess the truth, but Colin encourages her not to, which she can’t stand. The couple face an additional threat when Cressida discovers Lady Whistledown’s identity and blackmails them, demanding money in exchange for her silence.

During a ball hosted by Daphne and the Duke, Colin publicly reveals that Penelope is the one who writes for the others. Shortly after, their wedding takes place. However, it is not the only union in the story, since Francesca Bridgerton also gets married in this book to John Stirling, known as Lord Kilmartin, but unfortunately they do not last many years together.

Ultimately, Penelope and Colin’s union inspires Eloise Bridgerton to desire love and marriage, setting the stage for her story to be told in the book ‘To Sir Phillip, With Love’.

There is a good chance that Netflix will make some changes to the story, but it will definitely try to stick as best as possible to the original plot that all readers of the saga fell in love with.

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