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‘The Asunta case’: The chilling blog the girl wrote before her tragic end

The case of Asunta Basterra, the girl whose tragic murder shocked Spain, remains an enigma. Despite the 18-year prison sentence for his parents, Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra, the motive for the crime has not yet been fully clarified.

Among the unknowns surrounding this case, the figure of Sophie Elizabeth Patton, Asunta’s English teacher, and a creepy blog they created together stand out.

What was the blog that Asuda wrote before she died?

During the summer of 2012, Asunta and Professor Patton created a blog called ‘Asunca’. In this digital space, the girl explored the mysteries of the parks of Santiago de Compostela: La Alameda, Belvís and Bonaval, above all she was interested in the supernatural.

The blog included stories about strange sightings and urban legends. Asuda, with her high spiritual ability, called herself the “chief of the ghost hunters”.

“One day the woman was murdered. The man had to take revenge on the one who killed his wife, but he also died, because he tried to take revenge, but the bad guy killed John, the husband,” he wrote.

His last words on the blog talked about the next park he was going to explore and that he couldn’t anymore.

Although the blog has not disappeared from the Internet, its content is getting a second reading in light of the tragic outcome. Was it a cry for help from Asunta? What secrets did he hide in his stories? How does it relate to his subsequent murder? These questions remain without definitive answers.

While these writings could be an indication of what he experienced with his family before his tragedy, they could also simply be evidence of his great imagination.

What is true is that even the Netflix series “The Asunta Case” failed to even mention this detail in its chapters.

Did Professor Sophie Elizabeth Patton help Asunta write the blog?

Asunta’s teacher, Sophie Elizabeth Patton, collaborated with her on writing and research, given the girl’s young age.

At the time, Sophie was questioned like many other people connected to the case, but her statement did not provide relevant information, according to investigators.

Patton is known to have ‘disappeared’ after the Asuda tragedy, although in 2013 her whereabouts were investigated and it was discovered that the teacher had since moved to England with her family, never having returned to Spain or having any plans to. does.

Although for some this sudden move could be very suspicious, others defend the privacy of the teacher, who had to defend herself from the media after the Asunta tragedy and refused to give statements about it.

The Asunta case continues to intrigue researchers and the general public. The figure of Sophie Elizabeth Patton, her role in the blog and her relationship with Asunta add a disturbing nuance to this story.

Source: univision

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