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‘A great victory for her’: with cancer, Kate Middleton celebrates an important milestone after months of battle

Princess of Wales and struggling with cancer in an unfamiliar region, Kate Middleton has achieved a great victory after months of struggle

The news that no one wanted to believe ended up being confirmed. In a video shared on social media on March 22, Kate Middleton announced he had cancer, disease diagnosed after an operation. The Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery in January, but she did not reveal where the tumor was located.

Since then, Prince William’s wife has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment administered by the medical team and has chosen to be preserved. Therefore, the mother of George (10 years old), Charlotte (8 years old) and Louis (6 years old) which is gaining significant acclaim AND she had her husband update her health status He had to step away from public life several weeks ago to devote himself to the procedures.

With cancer, Kate Middleton receives encouraging news

With its look designed in 30 years by AIKate has never hidden her attraction and involvement in the field of early childhood. For the Princess of Wales there is no doubt that the well-being and balance of a child, especially in the first years of life, have repercussions for the rest of his life, involving the people around him and society in general.

Proof of this is that in early 2023 the “Shaping Us” campaign was launched and Kate has made the topic one of her biggest struggles. And now some good news has just been revealed.

This is because a report prepared by the campaign shows that several large companies in the UK have started discussing the…

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