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Deadpool 2: Pause 1 hour and 13 minutes and take a good look at this shirt

The most disrespected of Marvel’s heroes also knows how to pay tribute when he wants to! While you wait for his third adventure to hit theaters this summer, you might be like us re-watching the Deadpool movies and be on the lookout when watching the second episode, because this detail can easily escape you.

A very 80s shirt

Tired of Marvel? It seems that the heads of the studio have heard you

But if you pause the movie at exactly 1 hour 13 minutes 43 seconds, you’ll see Ryan Reynolds/Wade Wilson shirtless on the couch with his baby legs growing back. A rather unusual looking shirt that probably reminds you of something…

If you’re a fan of 80s movies, you probably recognize this shirt with yellow and pink flowers against green palm trees: it’s the character Choco from The Goonies!

Choco (Jeff Cohen)

The chapter is double because Josh Brolin is in the cast of Deadpool 2 and he played Brandy, the man in the red bandana, in The Goonies. In this second Wade Wilson adventure, Brolin lends his qualities to Cale, the superhero who in the comics becomes the leader of the New Mutants team (which also had their own movie).

In 2018, when Deadpool 2 was released, Brolin starred in another Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War, in which he played the big bad Thanos on a quest for the Infinity Stones to wipe out half the universe with the snap of his fingers. . This role performed in the play became one of the most iconic in cinema.

To Deadpool 3

On July 24, Deadpool returns to the cinema, this time in the company of Wolverine, for a new adventure. Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Logan and steps up his game for the official script, which is still largely under wraps despite the first trailer:

Source: Allocine

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