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“It’s like two boxers falling into each other’s arms”: Top Gun Maverick decoded by a real fighter pilot!

“This kind of spiral is the profile that certain fights can lead us to. (…) It’s like two boxers falling into each other’s arms. It’s a way to neutralize and stop the fight. Nothing can happen while we’re in each other’s arms.”

Top Gun 2 is cracked by a real fighter pilot!

But what are we talking about here? From part of the Rocky saga? MMA fight? There is no way! It’s quite a surprise, but Lt. Arthur utters these few words to decipher… One of the aerial scenes from the feature film Top Gun: Maverick, which will be broadcast this Tuesday night on the M6!

In 2002, AlloCiné had the privilege of meeting a real French Navy fighter pilot who had been flying the Rafale Marine for a little over ten years. Someone who was an instructor and flew several missions on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle commented on a few sequences for us. Top Gun: MaverickIt sheds an exciting light on the high-flying adventures of the characters, including, of course, Tom Cruise, as well as Pete Mitchell.

Almost 7 million viewers in French theaters

Liked the spectacular Top Gun: Maverick, a huge public success that attracted almost 6.7 million viewers to cinemas in France and which may have recently surprised you in front of your small screen? So, while waiting for the third opus appears on the horizon, do not hesitate for a second and in our player you will find the decoding of several sections of the film by a real fighter pilot. Charming!

Fake Connection: Top Gun Maverick’s Gaffes and Mistakes

Source: Allocine

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