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Maxton Hall: You’ve already seen the series star in the Netflix production, remember!

It’s the latest hit on Prime Video: Maxton Hall: The World That Between Us continues to be the platform’s top viewership. Romance fans young teenager They hosted the new Rosewater series, which combines complicated love stories with charismatic actors and sensual scenes, as in franchises such as Next, Against the Grain, Through My Window, All the Boys I’ve Loved.

Proof of the success of the German series rated 4.3 out of 5 by AlloCinĂ© viewers, Prime Video has already renewed this romantic fantasy for a second season! Therefore, the two Maxton Hall headliners will be the new stars of this kind of film, even if you’ve probably already seen them somewhere!

What is the “Maxton Hall” series?

Created by Daphne Ferraro, Maxton Hall: The World That Keeps Us Apart takes us to Maxton Hall, a prestigious private high school where Ruby Bell thrives in her own right. This scholarship student doesn’t care about money, parties or power because his only goal is to get into Oxford University.

But when she accidentally discovers a secret that could tarnish the Beaufort family’s reputation, the young woman finds her life turned upside down. Arrogant millionaire heir James Beaufort, popular, arrogant and rich, decides to do everything to silence Ruby. Their exchange of passionate words suddenly ignites a spark.

Where have you seen Ruby and James before?

TV series Maxton Hall: The World Between UsAdapted from the literary series Maxton Hall Mona Kasten is the author of three novels “Rescue”, “Rescue”, “Rescue”. Ruby and James’ romance is far from over, and you’ll still see their respective translators.

And you may have already seen the stars of Maxton Hall. Ruby is played by Harriet Herbig-Matten, who starred in another Prime Video series, Bibi & Tina.

But first of all, it’s Damian Hardung, who plays James, who already had a starring role in another very famous series that you’ve definitely seen. Indeed, the actor was one of the main actors in the popular Netflix series.

He played Dan Riffert in the TV series How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), based on the true story of a smart teenager who becomes one of the biggest online drug dealers who wins back his ex-girlfriend.

This fiction was a huge success for 3 seasons from 2019 to 2021 and allowed Damian Hardung to gain some popularity. But alongside Maxton Hall, the German actor is definitely one to watch.

The first season of “Maxton Hall: The World Between Us” is available on Prime Video.

Source: Allocine

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