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Lira creates working groups to discuss tax reform rules

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), formalized on Tuesday the creation of working groups in the Chamber that will debate the regulatory proposals for the tax reform.

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“After listening to the parties and the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, I have set up the working group that will analyze and debate PLP 68/24, which establishes the Tax on Goods and Services (IBS), the Social Contribution on Goods and Services (CBS) and the selective tax (IS),” the President of the Chamber said in one of the publications.

“I have also established the Working Group to deal with the complementary bill relating to the Steering Committee and Revenue Distribution of the IBS, which will have 60 days to complete its work,” he informed in another publication.

The tax reform approved by the National Congress replaces PIS and Cofins (federal) with a Contribution on Goods and Services (CBS), as well as combining ICMS (state) and ISS (municipal) into a Tax on Goods and Services (IBS).

It also defines that a selective tax will be created, to be charged on the production or sale of goods and services harmful to health or the environment.

The creation of a federative council is also envisaged, which will have the task of centralizing the collection of the IBS, liquidating debts and credits and distributing the revenues to the states and municipalities.

The actual implementation of the new system will take place after a transitional period and will in any case depend on the approval of these complementary regulatory laws.

Source: Terra

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