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Tonight on Netflix: These two Octobers can’t stand each other… They become the best friends in the world!

Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frank (Lily Tomlin) are the world’s worst enemies. The former is a sharp-tongued retired cosmetics mogul, the latter an eccentric hippie artist. The only thing they have in common: their longtime husbands, Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston) are divorce lawyers who work together — but not only that…

When Robert and Sol one day reveal to them that they too have been romantically involved for twenty years and have decided to leave them to get married, the two women find their lives turned upside down and, above all, intertwined. Forced to live together despite their already strained relationship, they try to cope with the circumstances. The show features family drama, medical scares, daring business ventures and romantic turmoil on their way to becoming best friends.

Nominated for 13 Emmys: It sets the tone. Created in 2015 by Marta Kaufman (Friends) and Howard J. Morris (My First Family) for Netflix, Grace and Frankie won the hearts of audiences with a simple recipe: humor and sentiment, with added drama and two lovable characters. Two legendary actors.

Grace and Frank Truly marks the reunion of the legendary on screen Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, 35 years after their first collaboration in 1980 for How to Get Rid of Your Boss, directed by Colin Higgins. And it’s them, funny, brilliant and charming that carry the series 4.1 out of 5 rated by AlloCiné viewers – without forgetting, of course, the wonderful duo. Martin SheenSam Waterston in the role of their loving husbands.

Quirky and original, the series is also fresh, modern, full of spirit and tolerance – and above all, daring. She actually “dared” to represent a generation we don’t see much on screen: women (mothers and grandmothers) over 70, dealing with topics that affect them deeply, from menopause to relationships and sexuality after a certain age. Like just getting old. That’s why it’s one of those Netflix shows that best casts adults.

  • Want to discover another great series that combines humor, feminism, and cliché-busting on Netflix? it is so!

Laughter and tears on the menu and a wide range of actors: Grace and Frank It is a real series feeling good which concerns and elevates morals. We absolutely recommend it.

Grace and FrankCreated by Marta Kaufman and Howard J. By Morris, with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston…

Season 7 to watch on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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