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IA Luzia no longer works on WhatsApp; know why

Have you tried using AI Luzia on WhatsApp recently? Chatbot informs that it does not operate on the messenger due to platform costs; understand the situation

OR chatbots Luzia has been one of the main options for using artificial intelligence for a long time Whatsapp. However, in May users were surprised when they received a message from the bot informing them that the tool had stopped working in the company’s messenger. Objective. OR Canaltech contacted the creators of the AI ​​and was informed that it is no longer available on Zap due to the costs of using the AI APIs charged by Meta, owner of the messaging app.

Anyone who opens a conversation window with Luzia on WhatsApp receives the message “I am currently not available on WhatsApp due to platform costs”, followed by a link to download the AI ​​app for Android. You can also send messages, but the profile does not respond to any commands.

The service launched in May last year and reached 20 million users within six months of its existence. The success can also be attributed to the presence of the chatbot on WhatsApp, in which it was possible to transcribe audio, answer questions and generate images within a conversation with the messenger.

Why doesn’t AI Luzia work on WhatsApp?

As the warning message itself indicates, Luzia has stopped working on WhatsApp due to platform maintenance costs. Wanted by Canaltechthe company says that using the WhatsApp Business API has become impractical because the service becomes more expensive depending on the number of users.

“Our decision to migrate from WhatsApp to our app is driven by our commitment to users and our dedication to offering free, high-quality AI services,” Luzia CEO Álvaro Martinez Higes said in a statement.

“However, Meta’s pricing model and WhatsApp’s high costs limit our ability to offer a free version of Luzia on the platform. We pay per daily user, so with more users the service becomes more expensive and makes it unsustainable to offer something free in the long term,” he adds.

The company says it has “invested millions of dollars” to bring Luzia for free to Brazilians and considers the decision to leave WhatsApp difficult, but stresses that it was a necessary measure to serve more users. However, a return to WhatsApp is excluded, at least under the current conditions offered by Meta.

“Although WhatsApp is an excellent platform for users to interact with Luzia and many other smaller AI chatbots, the high costs and limitations imposed by Meta force us to prioritize our app. Despite our efforts to influence Meta to change the business to reflect the reality of chatbots, we haven’t seen any appetite for change,” explains the CEO.

How to use the chatbot outside of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has brought great convenience to users, but AI can still be accessed via the LuzIA app (Android | iOS) or to Telegram, Zap’s main rival. “We recognize that this transition may cause some friction in the user experience and we regret this,” comments CEO Álvaro Higes. “So we’re working hard to make it good by building the best AI app in the world, and we’re committed to improving the user experience in new apps,” he adds.

According to data released by the AI ​​company, the Luzia app has accumulated more than 2 million downloads in the last 7 days, counting the versions on the App Store and Play Store. The platform has a chatbot window and provides access to all available AI tools, such as image generation and audio transcription. Additionally, you can navigate between different AI-based characters.

Via Telegram, just log in t.me/luzia_bra_bot and start a conversation with the tool.

You can still access LuzIA on Telegram (Image: Screenshot/André Magalhães/Canaltech)

Luzia wasn’t the only one

Another popular chatbot has stopped working on WhatsApp: Pi AI, which acts as a kind of bot to help with motivational words throughout the day. In addition to a message displayed in the messenger, Inflection AI, responsible for the tool, informs on the official website that it ended support for all third-party apps on May 10 this year.

It’s worth mentioning that in the midst of this stampede, Meta has already done this has launched an artificial intelligence integrated into WhatsApp, capable of responding to various text commands. The service rolled out to countries that use English as their primary language in April this year and is not yet scheduled to arrive in Brazil.

OR Canaltech has reached out to Meta for comment on the matter, but has not yet received a response.

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