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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Wednesday 22 May 2024 Episode 930 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for It All Begins tomorrow night on TF1! If you’d rather know nothing, go ahead.

On Wednesday, May 22, everything starts here…

Kelly confronts Jim

In Brittany, chefs Delobel and Rosette decided to change the theme of the Coupe de France final after a leak from the previous theme. They announce this to the competitors and emphasize that they will have 4 hours instead of 6 to complete it: each brigade will have to create a pastry decoration related to Brittany.

Kelly seizes the opportunity to defend Teissiere’s case against DeLabel. He knows his coach didn’t cheat. But DeLobel decided to fire him because he was disrespectful when asked for an explanation. However, Kelly explains that she definitely needs her trainer to train. But DeLobel refuses to change his mind. He adds that she is strictly forbidden to have any contact with him.

A frustrated Kelly and Salome inform Maya and Laetitia of the situation. Maya is desperate because she knows Jasmine’s brigade is ahead of them: in fact, they started working on Brittany the day before. However, Letitia has confidence in her daughter’s abilities, which inspires the idea of ​​​​a Trompe lighthouse on the sea, but Kelly and Salome do not agree on the technique of creating this decoration. Laetitia then offers to mediate between Brigadier and Teysier.

So she cautiously finds the chef to show him Kelly’s notebook. In return, Teissier gives her a lot of advice, which Letizia notes to pass on to her daughter’s brigade.

In the kitchen, Maya suggests that Kelly and Salome get information from Malik during training. Indeed, the young girl begins to think that Lionel was right about Jim and that he had been trying to hurt them since the beginning of the competition. She suspects that he sent a denunciation message to DeLobele in order to get Teissier released and become a test subject in their favor.

Maya finds Malik outside and says she wants to talk about his confession the other day when he told her he wanted to kiss her. The young man claims that he only said this to please her. During the conversation, Maya manages to get information from the opponent. He learns that Jasmine is very stressed because Cardone has threatened to expel her from the institute if she does not win the Coupe de France.

While Salome confesses to Kelly that she fell in love with the seaside restaurant, Maya joins them in the kitchen and repeats what she just learned. She suspects that Jim has put obstacles in their way so that Jasmine can win the Coupe de France and not be expelled from the institute.

To find out, Kelly finds Jasmine and Jim in the hotel lobby. She confronts the young man and accuses him of drugging her mother, cutting the brakes on Salome’s bike, and shooting Tayce. When Jimmy denies this, Kelly asks why he went to see Salome in the hospital if not out of remorse. As Kelly leaves, Jasmine interrogates her lover to find out the truth…

Cardon creates a trap for students

In his office, Cardone summons Rose and Clotilda to warn them of his intention to create a major for students from the first year, where they will have to choose between serving and cooking. Arman sisters believe that this is a mistake and emphasize that students do not always know which major to choose. Cardone explains that this is why he intends to put this change to a vote where students can freely express their choice.

At the commissary, Billy and Berenia agree that the idea of ​​voting on majors from freshman year is a mistake. They find that having a common core is much more enriching. But they notice that not everyone agrees with them, especially Thibault. Someone who always knew she only wanted to do room service sees this change of course as an opportunity.

No matter what, Bill doesn’t hesitate to convince as many students as possible to vote for the major offered by Cardone. Tom joins her to advise her to be careful. Still worried about him, he says he won’t stand up if he’s released.

On his way to the commissary, Leonard meets Tom. He advises Billy to be careful with him: in fact, Tom isn’t known as the most honest person in the institute, he’s already betrayed him in the past, and now he’s Livio’s second-in-command at Double A. But Billy is confident that Tom will protect him.

Later, Billy finds himself in his room with Leonard and Berenice. It is up to them to arrive at the CDI between noon and two o’clock the next day to fill the ballot box with ballots that contain the message “Cardone resigns.” She hopes the vote will be overturned and then postponed, allowing students to really think about the implications of changing the curriculum. Leonard and Berenice will accept.

Thelma wants to change her mind

In the class, chef Armand is in his second year working on zucchini flowers with fish muslin. Thelma really wants to make the recipe. But Clotilda reminds him that she is just on an observation course. Solal defends Thelma, claiming that she made bibimbap worthy of an institute student. Clotilde leaves them to their own business.

At the end of the lesson, the chef tastes Solali’s plate and congratulates him. Thelma insists that the chef also taste her plate. Clotilda does not take a single morsel, contenting herself with merely observing the dish, criticizing the dressing and cooking. He concludes that Thelma doesn’t even have the level to pass the competition. Annoyed, Clotilde instructs Thelma and Solal to clean the kitchen.

After being alone with Thelma, Solal urges her to overcome her boss’s criticism and not give up. Thelma admits that she appreciates the chef’s honesty, even if his words were harsh, and she no longer feels confident.

Thelma follows Solal to the CDI, where he looks over it with David and Thibault. However, to cheer herself up, Thelma plans to go to a party to drink and spend the night with a boy. David advises him to go to a coffee shop. Thelma asks them to join her there, then leaves.

A little later, Thibaut and David decide to stop studying to go to a coffee shop. Both want to have fun. Above all, neither David nor Thibaut are indifferent to Thelma’s charms. Solal decides to accompany them.

Source: Allocine

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