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Do you remember this case? Expelled from “Farofa da Gkay” for harassment, Tirullipa is sentenced to pay R$ 25,000 to drag queen Halessia

Halessia alleged that she “had her bathing suit pulled down without the defendant’s consent [Tirullipa]who performed a similar act with other participants, which is why he was expelled from the event on December 6.” The drag queen claimed that the comedian’s behavior caused her moral distress. Find out the details!

Do you remember this case? Tirullipa he was kicked out on the second day of “All right farofa“, the influencer’s birthday party Gessika Kayanein December 2022. When a joke is made inspired by Gugu’s bathtubthe comedian ended up engaging in behavior that became a court case: she pulled the string of her bikini Nicola Luisa.

Tirulippa’s conduct caused moral shock in the drag queen

Tirullipa confirms he is “outdoing himself” and apologized, but, two years later, he was convicted by the court of São Paulo and will have to pay compensation of R$25,000 for moral damages to the drag queen Halessia, 27 years old.

In the action, the young woman claimed that “her swimsuits had been lowered without the defendant’s consent [Tirullipa]who committed a similar act with other participants, which is why he was expelled from the event on December 6.” Therefore, the comedian’s behavior caused her a moral shock.

Halessia had lowered her bathing suit in front of several people, who had cell phones in their hands. “I couldn’t let this go unnoticed, because someone who does this once and goes unnoticed will do it again. I felt very hurt, very embarrassed. I felt really bad that day. I tried to take it as a joke, forget it .” except because I didn’t know what was happening, but it was something that shook me,” she said.

Understand the judge’s decision

This Tuesday (21), the judge Rodrigo Ramos decided that the comedian’s conduct “offended the appellant’s rights to privacy, honor and image, exposing part of the…

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