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Un Si Grand Soleil Preview: Wednesday May 22, 2024 Episode Summary [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil airing tomorrow night on France 2! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

On Wednesday 22 May at Un si grand soleil…

Tais is getting dangerously close to the truth

Taisi calls Arno in the morning. After hearing from him, the young woman tries to find out if Cedric has a lot of money, which he doesn’t. When he asks her what’s bothering her, Tice confides that she heard Cedric talking about buying a sailboat for cash. Worried, Arno makes him think that his friend is dealing drugs to make money. However, Tyce suspects that Cedric tipped off the robbers about Philip’s safe. According to Arno, Cedric could not do such a thing. A worried Tice then goes to BGL’s office and asks to speak to Florent.

Meanwhile, Claire visits Elizabeth. It must be said that the nurse really needed to take her mind off it. Indeed, Claire and Florent are drifting apart and are no longer on the same wavelength. Elizabeth then tries to calm him down and even says that she’s sure everything will work out in the end.

At the police station, he and Alex got the lab results. Unsurprisingly, Frederik Valecki’s DNA matches that found in the Agera house and other villas. Police are now trying to figure out how Philip died. It is now clear to Manu and Alex that Anna has nothing to do with the robberies and even less with the murder of her husband. Therefore, Commissioner Becker asks Judge Alphand to release Filipe’s widow.

Later, Tice and Florent go to the police station, where a young woman tells the police about the discussion she overheard between Cedric and his interlocutor. Without losing a hand, Manu and Alex go to work. After learning about Cedric’s criminal record, the investigators decide to question him, but first confront him with Borde to see if he recognizes him.

At the end of the day, Tais confides in Maeve how much she feels betrayed by Arno. Maeve, who discovers that her friend has every reason to be suspicious of Cedric, believes she did the right thing by talking to the police.

At the same time, Florent is preparing a stew for dinner. When he suggests a romantic evening out, Claire informs him that she won’t be there tonight as she was going out drinking with a friend.

As night falls, Arno criticizes Cedric for buying the boat without consulting him. When he learns that Tyce suspects him of theft, Cedric panics and informs his friend that they need to take care of him as soon as possible. If Arno refuses, Cedric informs him that they have no choice. He is or they are.

The hospital wins its case

At Midi Libre, Marie-Sophie reads Mark’s article on flies. Even though his paper is not well received, the editor-in-chief still risks publishing it.

In turn, Mr. Brochard goes to see the tenants to collect the rent. When one of them mentions the problem of a water leak, the owner of the place points out that he’s already had bubbles before clarifying that he can’t do everything. So he advises her to place a basin of water where it drips while she waits for her plumbing to be available.

At the same time, Mr. Broschard calls Mark, and suffice it to say, the owner of the building is furious after reading the journalist’s article.

Meanwhile, the hospital director intends to prevent Mr. Brochard from making a financial transaction. And to hide this controversy once and for all, he wants to use the Midi Libre article to pressure Brochard into backing down. If he agrees, the hospital will not file a defamation lawsuit.

In the afternoon, Serge informs Mr. Brochard that he has managed to convince the hospital not to file a complaint on the condition that he agrees to a public apology admitting that the balloons did not come from the hospital. Mr. Brochard accepts then thanks his lawyer.

At the same time, Mark tells Leonor that Marie-Sophie really liked her article. Then the journalist admits that he had ideas about his editor-in-chief and finally says that he is very happy to work with him. While he tries to figure out if his new boss is pretty, Mark gets uncomfortable.

Source: Allocine

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