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Tonight on TV: A movie about Celine Dion? No one said it was impossible, so Valerie Lemercier did it!

A biopic dedicated to Celine Dion, You Must Dare, and Valérie Lemercier Dare! Finally, an almost biopic… because in Aline, his sixth production, the filmmaker-actor takes on the guise of Aline Dieu, the Quebec star’s fictional alter ego. Result ? A bold film, both popular and intimate, a must-see tonight at C8!

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Released in cinemas in 2021, Aline It tells the story of the youngest of 14 children. Living in a Quebec village, he showed early gifts for singing. Producer Guy-Claude, who sees her as a diamond in the rough, takes care of her physical appearance and finding potential hits. Over time, Aline falls in love with her mentor…

Funny, fantastic, romantic, moving and so on, this Aline There is a constant surprise. With this biography that is truly unlike any other, Valerie Lemercier Of course he takes freedom in life Celine DionBut he has great respect for the latter, he signs in the end A true declaration of love for a Quebec star. And what can we say about her stunning performance, which won her a well-deserved César for Best Actress…

“At first I called her Celine, after about sixty pages. Bridget BookWith whom we have already written The royal palace!He came to the project and convinced me to change my names”tell him Valerie Lemercier. “Everything was unlocked. Thanks to Alin, we allowed ourselves to deal with reality, to invent details…”

“Sun King” star who will double as Valérie Lemercier

Valerie Lemercierwho chose to focus his film on the love story of Alice and Guy-Claude, as well as that between Celine Dion and René, called on singer Victoria Sio to appear in the comedy musical. sun king, singing parts doubling his voice. And for reasons of credibility (both in terms of accent and the characters’ states of mind), he used 90% Quebecois casting.

The biggest difficulty in staging Valerie Lemercier In this awesome Aline Which drew more than 1.3 million viewers to theaters? Time ellipses. The movie actually starts in 1932 and ends in 2016. “It’s strangely much more directed The fabulous fate of Amelie Poulin from Jean-Pierre Jeunet I went to see another biography”the film director notes. “Because I saw this movie as a fairy tale.”

You want to sing, dance, laugh and be moved by “Almost Biography”. Celine Dion, generous and courageous? So quickly discover awesome Aline from Valerie LemercierYou will come out in full swing!

Tonight on TMC at 9:25 PM.

Aline: Challenges facing Valerie Lemercier

Source: Allocine

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