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All June’s Netflix Releases: ‘Bridgerton,’ ‘That’s ’90s Show’ and More

Romance, suspense, comedy and more await you in Netflix premieres for the month of June.

Movies premiering on Netflix in June 2024

‘Bad Girls’

When Cady arrives in town from the jungle, the most popular girls invite her to join their group. Thus begins his intensive course of school life.

Release Date: June 4th.

In the depths of the Seine

A marine scientist must face her tragic past when a huge shark appears in the Seine, threatening to stain all of Paris with blood.

Release Date: June 5th.

The dark sources

In the darkness of a basement, a man and a woman kiss without speaking, as if it were the end of the world. Mysterious images, dislocated in time, will make sense as fate intertwines the romance between Igor, a man unhappily married to Flora, and Pina, a woman who cannot create a harmonious relationship with her son Lorenzo.

Release Date: June 21st.


A member of the special forces returns home after the death of his father. However, his return becomes complicated when he starts asking questions and confronts a violent gang.

Release Date: June 21st.

A family affair

A young woman (Joey King) finds herself in an awkward situation when she discovers that her mother (Nicole Kidman) and her famous boss (Zac Efron) are having a workplace affair.

Release date: June 28.

The series will premiere on Netflix in June 2024

The vortex

A fierce battle breaks out when the Deputy Minister of Economy confronts the Prime Minister, who is trying to root out corruption.

Sweet Tooth: Season 3

In the thrilling final chapter, Gus and his friends embark on a grand adventure to cure the virus and finally discover the truth about the hybrids.

Release Date: June 6th.


At Jusin School 0.01% of the students have absolute control. However, a mysterious student manages to infiltrate this unfathomable world.

Release Date: June 7th.

Bridgerton: Season 3, Part 2

While newcomers yearn to become top diamonds, a discreet flower with a double life discovers its own brilliance amid secrets and surprises.

Release date: June 13.

This is The 90s Show: Part 2

The summer of 1996 arrived. Leia returns to Kitty and Red’s house (or rather basement), rejoining the group. There will be romances, breakups and more.

Release Date: June 27th.

Documentaries premiering on Netflix in June 2024

Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial

This fascinating documentary follows the rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazis, from before the war to the Holocaust and the Nuremberg trials.

Release Date: June 5th.

How to rob a bank

This documentary tells the story of a man who lived in isolation in a tree house and committed very cinematic heists in the 90s.

Release Date: June 5th.

Rafa Márquez: The captain

Rafael Márquez has been synonymous with excellence and glory in Mexican football for generations. In this documentary, along with his family and partners on and off the field, secrets are revealed that have never been told before.

From his childhood in Zamora, Michoacán, to his success in historic Barcelona, ​​through the death of his mentor and the fatal penalty against the Netherlands in the 2014 World Cup, “Rafa Márquez: El Capitan” reconstructs the life of this great Mexican image. .

Release Date: June 6th.

Tour de France: At the heart of the peloton, season 2

With team changes, faltering favorites and challengers galore, the 110th edition of the Tour de France promises to be the liveliest yet.

Release date: June 11.


A portrait of acclaimed Portuguese football hero Cristiano Ronaldo, tracking his career and personal life, and revealing how he copes with stardom.

Release date: June 16.

Kids and family content premiering on Netflix in June 2024

Little Baby Bum: Time to Sing!, Season 2

Lessons have started again and Mia, Max, Maple, Ahan and Bari are more than ready to learn while singing.

Release date: June 3rd.

Monster High Season 1

Clawdeen and his best friends, Frankie Stein and Draculaura, have fun adventures with their monster classmates at a supernatural school.

Release date: June 3rd.

Ultraman: The Rise

An athlete returns home to follow his father’s legacy as Ultraman, protecting Tokyo from giant monsters and, along the way, becoming a true hero.

Release Date: June 14th.

Anime premiering on Netflix in June 2023

One Piece: Egghead

On the futuristic island ‘Egghead’, the home of the brilliant scientist Dr. Vegapunk, a new adventure for the Straw Hats begins. What challenges await you?

Release Date: June 1st.

Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura

The most powerful warriors of ‘Baki Hanma’ and ‘Kengan Ashura’ face off in an epic martial arts battle. Who will prevail in this clash of the titans?

Release Date: June 6th.

golf academy

A boy seeks to become the best golfer in the world after a professional athlete discovers his natural talent for the sport.

Release date: June 22.

Source: univision

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