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Rebel Soy Tour | RBD members report irregularities during the tour

Members of the Mexican group RBD denied the former manager and claimed that there were significant irregularities in the tour’s tax audit

The members of the Mexican group RBD denied this Wednesday (22/5) the statements of the producer T6H Entertainment and the former manager Guillermo Rosas regarding the irregularities of the “Soy Rebelde Tour”. In a note, the artists thank fans for their support “in this difficult time” and provide new details on the tax audit.

“Contrary to T6H Entertainment’s claims, the forensic accounting investigation conducted by Citrin Cooperman revealed significant irregularities. Specifically, the document indicated that T6H Entertainment has received tour-related funds since December 2022, of which approximately $1 million remains unverified, i.e. they were not counted and included after considering the receipts and documents delivered by the manufacturer”, reads an emergency text.

In the next paragraph, the document highlights that the Citrin Cooperman company was a recommendation from the manufacturer of Rosas, who had already entered into previous agreements. Furthermore, T6H allegedly delayed the trial by not signing the necessary documents to prove the debts and the world tour. “This debt occurs because the companies’ original contracts were signed with T6H and without their signature the processes cannot continue,” he adds.

“It is essential to clarify that the only people responsible for the tour payments were T6H on the outward journey, and then Citrin Cooperman who acted as the tour’s commercial director. None of the members of the group had access to the money management or made payments.”

Pause in the RBDmaniacs dream

The artists also confirm that future RBD projects have been put on hold until the scam is resolved: “Considering the significant amount of money involved and the discrepancies found, all our projects are currently on hold. We had to take a break from this dream shared with you, including a possible continuation of the tour”.

“Our goal has always been to resolve these discrepancies in a professional manner. […] Our integrity and the trust of our fans are paramount and we will not rest until this happens and the matters are fully resolved. We are grateful for our fans’ continued patience and understanding and promise to keep you informed as we work to find a solution.”

Source: Terra

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